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  Feb 2018 Cali
Lora Lee
If I could
pinpoint the
exact moment
your breath
touched mine
washed me over
in ocean waves
sea creatures glowing
in delightful recognition
as the seedlings
of connection
shimmied into our being
and, dancing within me
in its own lifeforce
your mind a living,
breathing animal
your heart, purring
and whirring its sacred forces
into my molecular structures
your soul throbbing
in mitochondric pulsing
(oh what
a delicious vibration
of ribosomes
Between us, we hold
the true treasures
close, in frothy
a purity of the expanse
of our universe,
swathed in prismatic color
colors that shift,
these fresh hues
for which there are no name
they are lucid and fine-woven
as silk histories
yet deep as earthcore
your eyes, voice
are forever burned
into my own
every day scriptures
that rock my shattered parts
into wholeness
like ancient magic,
I conjure forth
the holy gospel
rising from our bones
every second of
every minute
as our deepest fires
our most secret filth
our murky corners
our darkest hours
we weave into light
brilliant and lustrous
multi-layered in the richest
folds of the earth
and as you place me
upon the shores
of your garland-graced
Now I'm alive in a new
kind of light
all I can do
is love
        and love
and love
  Feb 2018 Cali
Second choice
Backup plan
When all else fails

They are all the same thing.
They are all Me.
  Feb 2018 Cali
Devon Carberry
You could put a bullet through my brain, and I'd still miss you in ****.
  Feb 2018 Cali
Robert Guerrero
I'm everybody's nightmare and nobody's dream
  Feb 2018 Cali
snow queen
sad how girls nowadays
think they need to be thinner
to be prettier
to be more "natural"
to be beautiful

how can a society
expect this
when it covers itself in lies
it bathes in toxins
it spreads self hate
it isnt fair

  Feb 2018 Cali
snow queen
mum cried into my shoulder
and told me to never  e v e r
leave her. to never give up
to never die. i told her i wouldnt
i promised. i dont want to fail her
ever. i wont die. i wont.

  Feb 2018 Cali
snow queen
ive recignised
my struggles
as a bird
flying into the
harsh bashing wind
as everyone watches.
                giving up
         f           a       l        l          i     n              g
and yet everyone
can see im going
no where
but backwards

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