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 Feb 2015 Mitchie
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
She said she wouldn't date him
because she knew how I still felt
and she thought
"What kind of a friend would that make me?
I wouldn't want to do that to you."
Yet here I sat, thinking
What kind of a friend does that make me?
Holding her back from being with a guy
who she cares about a lot
just because I want him
when he wants her and not me.
Envy is one of the seven deadly sins
and baby, I'm gonna die green.
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
Have I Lied?
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
People cheat,
people lie

To get ahead
just to get by.

They do it out of deemed necessity
have made it a successful habit.

Some would feel bad,
some wouldn't lose sleep over it.

Some lie to protect...
Some lie to infect...

With little remorse
full blown guilt.

Either way
all they've built.

A lie is an accessory
that most tend to abuse.
A convenient mask
for the ugly truth
that most would misuse.

Lies are...
The bane of relationships
Destroyer of trust...
Conveyed by irresponsible lips.

So have I ever lied?
Have I ever desecrated
honesty's pride?
Have I ever wielded it
to save others from harm?
Have I ever employed it
to boost my charm?

No I haven't,
now that's a lie...
Spouted that so easily,
I didn't even need to try...

I am no exception...

I am no saint,
I'm only human
with an ill sense of direction.

I have lied...
How about you?

Search deep inside...
*You know you have too...
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
Samantha Dietz
My scars are footprints
pressed in the smooth sand, fading,
salted by the tears of the ocean,
but persistent against the tide.

My map has been drawn
by leaves in the wind, blowing,
following the path of the broken,
but offering no place to hide.

My heart plays a song
with a slow tempo, beating,
calling to the strong souls still hoping,
but unheard by the ones who died.

Follow the footprints if you trace my skin.
Use my map as a guide if I can't let you in.
Listen to my song if words aren't my friend.
And I will love you,
With all that I have left.
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
Analise Quinn
I hope they find me
Surrounded by poems that
Are yet unfinished.
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
Tonight I cannot sleep
My head is screaming loud
I stand at edge, so steep
I stand and stare, no sound

Last time I saw your face
I saw your grace, as well
as glass thats lost its place
glass, no one else could tell

shattered glass no one saw
rested upon your cheek
to the 'round of your jaw
with pinned lips you couldnt speak

as broken legs can't walk
your broken lips can't talk
some elements of shakespearean sonnet omited. Primarily the 6 syllables per line instead of the 10 and the lack of a real defined volta in the piece. Sorry about that.
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
Mirror, Mirror, on my wall,
I just want to be thin, pretty, and tall.

Mirror, Mirror, if I change my hair
Maybe someone will start to care.

Mirror, Mirror, If I starve myself,
at least I'll be beautiful, forget my health.

Mirror, Mirror, If I cut my wrist,
will I feel like I exist.

Mirror, Mirror, Don't you see?
what you show, is ruining me..
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
Cassidy Shoop
You are a guitar
and its woodsy scent
when it has never been played.

You are the forest
as background to a storm,
car windows down
and no sound but the glass
cutting the wind in half
and the pounding in our chests.

You are summer at 3am
when sleep is unnecessary
and the stars are most vulnerable.

You are the scent
and rain
and home.
 Feb 2015 Mitchie
the blonde poet
Making up stories, until to us they are the truth.
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