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Mitchie Nov 2016
A heavy heart and broken smile is all I have to offer
My weary eyes and sensitive ears hide from the truth
The sweet taste of fear, the putrid scent of peace
The soft touch of hostility, the scandalous sound of grace
My body fails, my head hangs, my tears fall
But this feels much better than stinging words of affirmation
Than piercing mercy
Than murderous love that asphyxiates my cold, bruised, torn heart with no sense of satisfaction

A heavy heart and broken smile is all I have to offer
My weary eyes and sensitive ears hide from the truth
But you embrace me and tell me that I have nothing to fear because you will bring me peace of mind
You refuse my hostility and instead return my tormenting, slanderous words with this foreign concept of grace
You help me up, you lift my chin, you wipe my tears
And I begin to understand why people ask for the stinging words
The piercing mercy
The genuine love that revives my cold, bruised, torn heart with no sense of satisfaction

For you are not satisfied in me, but I in you.
Mitchie Mar 2015
I should never have said a word
but I did.
Mitchie Mar 2015
people just keep pushing you
but you can't tell when enough is enough
just how I feel right now
Mitchie Mar 2015
death whispers to me
I feel his hands wrap around
all I know is gone
a haiku
  Feb 2015 Mitchie
People cheat,
people lie

To get ahead
just to get by.

They do it out of deemed necessity
have made it a successful habit.

Some would feel bad,
some wouldn't lose sleep over it.

Some lie to protect...
Some lie to infect...

With little remorse
full blown guilt.

Either way
all they've built.

A lie is an accessory
that most tend to abuse.
A convenient mask
for the ugly truth
that most would misuse.

Lies are...
The bane of relationships
Destroyer of trust...
Conveyed by irresponsible lips.

So have I ever lied?
Have I ever desecrated
honesty's pride?
Have I ever wielded it
to save others from harm?
Have I ever employed it
to boost my charm?

No I haven't,
now that's a lie...
Spouted that so easily,
I didn't even need to try...

I am no exception...

I am no saint,
I'm only human
with an ill sense of direction.

I have lied...
How about you?

Search deep inside...
*You know you have too...
Mitchie Jan 2015
The bright sun shone through the blinds, breaking through the barriers of my closed eyelids.
Consciousness crept in, settling into various pockets of awareness.
My heart was beating and my blood was flowing and my lungs were taking in air.
I then understood I was to endure yet another hellish day.
A request
Mitchie Nov 2014
The land of the free
and home of the brave
torn to pieces as
the free are murdered
and the brave incarcerated.

It was not
built on fear
but there is still fear
as those sent to protect
instead purge on the innocent.

Where I as a white
have a right to life
while my peers of color
fear for their life
because they're black.

Home of those
who live their lives
as if in Heaven
and those who can't breathe
because it feels like Hell.

Why should I
respect a country
that treats me with
respect, loyalty and peace
because I'm white?

Why do these people,
who with different colored skin
who are just like me
get treated with
disgust, injustice, and violence?

Am I not allowed
to be outraged?
Am I supposed to
assume that this is
the *American Dream?
We love books about this, but don't care for the real life experience. It's sickening.
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