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i often wonder if i'm exactly where i need to be.
that every mistake,
every lost love,
every new beginning
got me here.
to you.
i danced around corners, always missing you.
looking, but never seeing.
and then, simply put, i fell in love with you.
you made color bleed from black and white,
you radiated light where shadows dwelled,
and you placed kisses where there were once scars.

i met a boy so lovely that to exist in the same timeline as him is a fate that i can never quite wrap my mind around
it's magical, really, how you can meet someone new
and, without expecting it, they become so important.
i wasn't even aware of how much more love i had to give until i met you.
but that's what you do to me.
you are constantly opening my eyes to all that is new and beautiful.
with your gentle, yet energetic heart, you fire electricity through my veins
and you paint my world with such stunning colors.
life is better, music is richer, chocolate is sweeter, my soul is at ease.
i tell secrets in the form of poetry
each of my subjects is a special fruit hanging from the limbs of my mind
once they become too heavy, i must pick them,
tear them open, and reveal their matter before they become spoiled
not for the world to see, but more so for my own relief
i'll place my subject right in front of me for dissection,
but only when it's ripe and i am fully ready
my subject transforms from a drunken pith into a gem,
from a simple thought into a sonnet
this form of expression is the only thing keeping me from endless suffering
writing frees the subject without its knowledge,
and it frees me from having to protect it any longer
for it is a burden with which i have a sporadic love affair
You exude such a brilliant light.
I want to bask in your glow because
you've illuminated my soul and made me so beautiful.
Flowers grow from my skin
where you kiss me;
my name becomes poetry
when you whisper it into my mouth.
On those days that leave me feeling deflated,
I know that my lungs will soon swell
when I inhale all that is your intoxicating magic.
I'm running to the edge of what I know
and I am exhilarated because
I can feel my feet hit the ground
with every beat of your heart.
We sang the same words to each other,
but I knew they meant different things.
As you tried to make me understand,
I just wanted you to fall back in love.
Just fall back in love with me.
my mind is a library.
every book embodies who I am.
each page drenched in a new experience.
every chapter, a lesson learned.
even though you encompass so many of these pages,
you gave me too many paper cuts,
i'm over your genre and
you never liked reading much anyways.
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