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i want to drag you for ice-cream at four in the morning
i want to fight with you over which movie to watch on a Sunday evening
i want to call you for no reason, and tell you i miss you & you make my heart race
i want to see through you with a blink
i want to kiss you when you least expect it
i want to pull you closer when the world turns its back on you
but most of all,
i want to love you the way that you love me
you were my muse
my daydream
my Paris
and of all the places i've been to,
your arms seem to be my favourite one

you were my light
my gravity
my wonderland
and of all the days i’m with you,
it feels like a holiday
his hands slowly caress my arms
and not the touch screen of his phone
i wrap inside that warm
oven kind of love, feels like we're alone

just wait till i write you poems and
live to tell each other how we've grown
together, by each other's side, till the end

but i just want my heart to race at the sight of you
feel me burning infinitely, like all the stars do,
just to say intimately of how much, i-love-you

and you'd tell me funny somethings till, it makes me cry
and you'd call me just to say, i'm cute sometimes
though i'd spend hours staring, getting lost in your eyes
yet its not enough,
when we're chasing dying embers
hoping these sparks could go off
i want that jazzy, soul feeling you could even, sing to me live
and latin music that keeps you up on your, feet all night
though i'd spend hours staring, getting lost in your eyes
yet its not enough,
when we're chasing dying embers
hoping our fading sparks could...

my hands fit into yours perfectly
my head lays onto your chest, just like it came from a movie scene
and that warm fuzzy feeling
i get when you speak, just listening

can't wait till you write me poems and
live to tell each other how you've grown
to get me by your side, till the very end

i pray you take me all around the world
i want to be you best friend, your lover & forever girl
and not leave at the aisle in the end
i wish you don't change 
or make me rearrange
my things if you leave
i need you to not move on like a 90s trend
i long for you like the weekend,
but most of all,
i hope our fading sparks could re-ignite
wanted it to last
wanted it to be genuine
nothing fake, and not imitated
fell for you fast
wanted it to be real in the end
even wore you as a fashion statement

does it matter if you were faux leather?
i'd still wear you through whatever weather
days that winds blew, and the nights gone cool
but if i'd choose, i would've worn better
cause parts of you, and of us would wither
but in this weather,
i could barely see, i could still sink in deep

deeper into your
faux leather
i could barely touch
or feel my body rush
so light as a feather
oh if i worn, something better
oh, if i knew,
i wouldn't wear you
i wouldn't wear ... faux leather

your leather jacket fits perfectly on me
wraps like a warm oven
and i'd wear it, wherever i go
near my heart, just to keep you close
but it's worn out now
when i realised it was made of faux
c a r o l i n e Nov 2020
the best dreams are when you are awake
the best years are when you feel no heartaches
the best art is when it is unfinished
the best start is when you feel ambitious
c a r o l i n e Nov 2020
For you, wrongly
Till I knew it was right
When our song came on
We couldn’t help but sing along
c a r o l i n e Nov 2020
I wish my brain cells can stop reminding
Me of ****, I don’t want to remember
I wish the pain I feel could stop pretending
Sick of it, I don’t want it to re-enter
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