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We are our own enemy when we make famine
where there is nothing but abundance.  
To eat with glutenious greed and let a world starve and die.  
To this pointless abuse there is a tragic end.
A heart that doesn't love
Is a dead heart.
Love is not a word to say
Or a game to play.
Love is you and I
We love all
That's my heart's call.
For your fate,
There is an update.
I won't change.
I'm squeezed between two eternities, what's to change?
Take me out of my thoughts,
Take me out of my head,
Take me to a comfortable bed,
Make me happy, healthy and mad.
I am running down the streets,
I am going up the sky,
I am probably high.
Being happy in a public place,
To be amazed and to amaze
Someone in the same place.
Sounds and lights,
Fights and delights,
Broads and tights,
 Feb 21 Marlena R
I want to love you
Polished girl
Who's grown from glamourus day of babe
But you
But you
Hold no substance of earth
No brains of your own
No truth to convey
You take what I give
You take
You take
Giving nothing of yourself
As empty beings, be
And by the way
You are not social in the least
Social is laughable sometimes.
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