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cupid Sep 18
i found two thousand different words to put in my poems but i cant find the words to make my way home, or to have a conversation with someone new
or to transfer out of this stupid honors chemistry class that i never even wanted to take
i just want to talk
i want friends and lovers and rivals
i want to feel more than a burning dictionary
please help my find my words
talk to me but dont touch me
cupid Sep 16
i once wrote the line, ¨this empire, a tragedy¨
now the empire has fallen, i am all that is left
i am the tragedy
i am fallen
i am tired
aug 15
i said i am the tragedy
im not always right but these days im right more often
i forgot how to continue this
maybe ill come back to it at a better time
or a worse one
cupid Sep 16
im no bleeding artist
but i am a pain to be around

i want to be with someone who wants me
not someone like you
youre not getting you hoodie back alex
and im sorry nikki
cupid Aug 27
sometimes i hold onto things until they make me sad
i saw him hugging a girl
in a more-than-friendly way
im not surprised
but i held onto the daydream of him for so long
that now im hurt other this
i am a sad excuse of a romantic
no use in trying
cupid Aug 23
i wrote poems for you like a prophet writes for his god
they werent for you though
i wrote them for me
i thought i needed to love you
to be with you
but i didnt
i was just confused and i felt lost
i figured out that we didnt need to be anything more than just
sorry pretty boy, i dont tneed to write about you as much
cupid Aug 20
why do you write me as a monster
you introduced him and i

you shaped me from those summer days
you threw me from my dreamy daze

you called me brother before i shed my skin
you intoduced me to my sins

i was pretty eyes and scared white lies
you were lost in wonderland

i never wanted to rule
i wanted to be a knight

my dreams of fighting for you faded
i cared not of queens

i became a traveler in the village
my steps jingled and i led the youth in laughter

you took back the throne you left for me

i want know why the tyranist writes me as a monster
he gave me my prince and my sins

i wanted freedom is all
i didnt want to fight anymore
i went back to read my sisters poems, i think they were very much about me
cupid Aug 15
you, sister dearest, pretended that i didnt exist
i suppose in a way that i dont
but thats okay, i dont need to exist if i cant be myself
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