cupid 1d
The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the largest art museums in the world. The AIC holds over 3000,000 pieces of art.

I can’t write right  now i have a headache
Oh my goooooood it hurts

I want to go home
I kinda feel like i’m going to throw up

My braiii i n         d o es  not work  
I m      so ti r ed
T y p e t y p e t y p e t y p e ty p e

Ju s t ha s to lo o k  li k e i am w o r ki ng
Eternal internal screaming
Ne v e r end in g pa in
Death hath come and he hath stolen my eyes
Stolen with what i see my wrong doings

G o d
When  d oe s th i s class end
I ha  t e 5th p e r ii o  d

I wannt thsi to be ov e r               is tha t too much to ask

Pressure pre s u r ee in my veins
Build up in my lungs

I c an n o t br eathe
H ow m   is fortu n  ate

**   w   i di o t ic

I ju st want t o scream

Scream out ev er y th ing
i wanna die
cupid 1d
why won’t you talk to me
we used to talk all the time
do you not trust me
can you really not stand me
i have things to apologize for
so many things to say
but you won’t come talk to me
i understand that i’m annoying
but please i don’t want to be on bad terms
i need to talk to you
before i lose my mind
i’ve lost so much for you
so would it **** to talk to me
just alone
just for a few minutes
i want to tell you that i’m not angry
that i understand my flaws
i need to apologize for not being better
not good enough
to apologise for loving you
you have to understand that i can’t be angry with you
that i need to share with you the thoughts i used to
that i need to hear your voice
i’m sorry but please
come talk to me
i know what i have to say isnt important but you used to listen to every little worthless thing i had to say
cupid Dec 4
i used to love the woods as a kid
me and my brothers had a cool treehouse
even then i was pretty crazy
leading a bonfire for the youth
we dug fire pits out in the woods
and we collected materials for our treehouse
we would stay out past dark
and hide in the cedar branches
there isn’t a lot i wouldn’t give
to go back to our little treehouse
sorry this is isnt good i just wanted to post something
cupid Nov 30
your ****** voice
like a drug no one should take
your words like candy coated razors
shoved down my throat
every one of your kisses stole a piece of my soul
you left my life
but why not my thoughts
why won’t you get out of my head
your ****** hair long and cotton candy soft
ugh why do i think of you with such endearment
your gentle touch
it was all a brush with death
you demon
fallen angel
cursed man
i swear lucifer incarnate
lucifer the prettiest yet most selfish angel
the devil the one who comes as everything you could ever want
i hate you
i hate you and your ****** ******* voice
your brown eyes and warm hands
i hate all of it
.  .  .
i don’t
except i love you so much it hurts
so much i can’t even think about loving someone else
it’s like im sick
please get out of my head
im so tired of thinking about him
cupid Nov 29
heaven the glorious silver palace
the pearly gates
your final resting place
your safe haven of the afterlife
my dear is all a lie
the harmonious sound of the angels singing
is truly the hoarse worn out screaming of the trapped souls
their throats raw
their voices pained and fading
the gates are there not to keep us free minds out
but to lock you in for eternity
that existence must be blinding and excruciating
neon white and platinum
everything medical grade sterile and ivory
freezing cold lost in celestia
you are now and forever abused stardust
nothing but a shadow of who you were
because you went to heaven
they erase you give you wings
and pretend that was the end goal
you join the holy choir and without end you sing
you will stand and sing until the end of ends
your *** and his never dimming light will burn out your retinas
the holiest of angels will **** at your remnants
you with stand in the cold until you blister
you will sing until your lungs fill with blood
but congrats
you made it into heaven
there is no end to our suffeering
cupid Nov 26
everything is still the same
the sadness
the hate
the anger
truthfully none of this changed while you were around
it was just subdued
your lovely lies
and dark brown eyes
just made me forget some of the time
the way i walk to the bus stop
and the way people think of me
hasn’t changed
except maybe for my parents
nothing’s really changed i guess except for me
and you
im still angry and i’m sure you still think the world would be better having lost you
but still we’ve changed
i still send you texts when i can’t sleep, you still don’t answer
i don’t look for you anymore at school
but that wouldn’t matter because you’re avoiding me anyway
i know everything is in a perpetual shift
but how did i not realize we drifted so far apart
how did i become so different but you not at all
after you disappeared nothing changed
nothing but me
after i first met you everything seemed better
but now after you have gone i think things are just now looking up
i put myself after you
but now you’re after everyone else
i should be doing biology work right now
cupid Nov 20
sometimes it feels like there’s a shadow of myself cutting off my air
he as both his hands gripped around my throat
tighter and tighter his grip becomes each day
with every thought of this dark overhang of myself
he grows stronger
with all my fury and pain and meaningless sadness
he sinks more into being all i am
the more violence i think of the more i want to choke
choke myself
choke the life out of everything i can touch
with shattered glass and blood
i want to pierce their airways
and asphyxiate them
i want to drown and choke in my own hellscape of thoughts
neon white water and warm violet saliva
i want to escape
i need to panic
i need his hands around my head and heart
choking from the inside out
it kept me in check
shut up
scream it out
choked up on your own words
spit it out
what’s wrong
no what were you just thinking
stop coughing
i don’t know anymore
it’s almost like i can’t breathe
i feel disgusting, lovesick, naive, pained, angry, sick, ******, unrequited
what's wrong with me
he did this
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