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Casey Jan 25
lead me on my way,
Great Vision in the grey,
I do not ponder on wasted time
I do not wander, I do not stay

I get by on my hedon wage
my story fits on one page
I am not burdened by freedom
release me from this cage

wise, the living tree
it catches wind with ease
meanwhile I'm in the clouds
by just the slightest breeze
Casey Oct 2022
The mountains found me
And it didn't feel like I was far from home
It felt like I was where I should be

They showed me a world where she exists
Led me to know who she is
And she shared that world with me

Now she's in my world
And it doesn't feel like I'm scared to die, or to live
It feels like home
For Sanu
Casey Jun 2022
Happiness is an errant feather lost to the breeze

Only by the influences of the world will it occupy your sky

Yet only if you look up will you discover it waiting for you
Casey Sep 2021
those feelings that cannot be found but only traced
remembered from a day long passed
or perhaps borrowed from some moment unlived
it was only a glimpse and now lays upon the breeze,
a memory of a memory
you harken back to this lose thread in your head
and your body blooms from head to toe
in some magnificent shiver
your glimpse behind the curtain
additional living,
more than you,
for only a moment
Casey Apr 2021
oh, the mountains and rivers are without end
and we are ever-moving towards that warm wood fire

with you by my side i can release and send
my body, my mind, my soul; can you take me higher?
Casey Apr 2021
darkness release me
and i stir to life
animated bones led by
determined muscles and
frightened nerves
bound by the soul inside
who views from his seat
out of a lidded porthole view
wondering things like why
where does he go
when will he die
and how should be feel
Casey Feb 2021
what do you feel
doing what you do
doing what you can
unaware of my plan

what do you feel
that makes you smile at day
makes you sleep at night
makes you feel all right

is it for you as it is me
is your bubble about to burst
do we own what we steal
what do you feel

am i normal and okay
shrouded are my lamps
which guides my wheel
what do you feel
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