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C Adams Apr 2015
People loose feelings for all sorts of reasons
It was small things like in the way you poured cream in my coffee and a tablespoon too much of sugar
I like black coffee
It was in the way you said I love you
Screaming it from rooftops with feigned patience
I could've said it louder instead of whispering it with promise
You think alcohol tastes bitter and fruity
I think it tastes like love and regret
You thought it was our differences that brought us closer
I thought they ripped us apart
You left me silently like a sunrise at 6 am
I left you like you were a stranger on a bus
You didn't have the courage to say goodbye or to watch me cry
I didn't have the nerve to ask how or more importantly why
You remember me as the first person you fell in love with
I remember you as the last person to break my heart
You told me, "I don't think you're the right one for me anymore"
I told you, "I hope you find whatever you need that you couldn't find in me"
8 months ago for the last time you told me you loved me
I see you today and I almost say it back
I think in order to let go you gotta express it all and make your own closure. This was mine and I'm happy to say I'm over it now.
C Adams Mar 2015
you are all shades of the sky
and I wake up each morning not knowing which you'll be
C Adams Dec 2014
Don't kiss me like you'll want me tomorrow
C Adams Sep 2014
I had loved you in a thousand ways. And it wasn't enough. Not even close
C Adams Sep 2014
You faced your fears and left
*-you told me you were afraid of losing me
C Adams Sep 2014
I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a thing for you anymore
C Adams Aug 2014
Don't fall in love with people who can hold your heart with an iron grip
Who breathe with sunken chests and look with sleepless eyes
With high cheekbones and ***** smirks
Who touch you delicately with soft hands
Who utter the word **** at you when you fight
Until they are then walking back the two miles to show that the word is merely just an action you two complete
People that say they'll make love to you as hard as they say they do
But they don't and probably never will
this hurt
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