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why do i let myself to ruin songs
playing it over and over again
why did i place trust in my own tragic story
watered my memories with tears
in all hopes for tomorrow
that the garden for myself will grow
in need of
arms to hold me at my weakest
eyes to see me at the lowest
heart that will love you at your worst
let's find those who need love first
getting far from the living
yet afraid from the beginning
i’d like to see myself be free then
i know it’s a moment to take in
i let it out, but it’s amusing to you
is this what i was waiting for?

your hope is wanting to gift me to you
i know my faith is strong,
but i’m weak to allow myself to
count back your mistakes
recount the times and ways i got played
i guess it’s what i paid for
  Nov 2 c a r o l i n e
Fall in love with a writer -
She'll be sure to tell you
that she loves you
in so many unimaginable ways.
I must admit -
the wonders of language,
can never match up
to your beauty.
if eyes could tell stories
read to me, my hand will be well in cheek
‘cause dreaming our life would be all magic

if skies were like warm sheets
i’d fall through the clouds
'cause laying with you is all I need

i'm singing by the bonfire
crying through the bad times
i'm leaving those sunsets behind
riding through the good times,
'cause even what's waiting for us,
i wouldn't be ready to be living in it
Call me darling
but never darlin
Call me lovely
but never cute
Call me warmly
from the snow bank
Call me your
forbidden fruit

Call me restless
dreams on fire
Call me once
when twice won’t do
Call my name
into the darkness
Call me
—as I wait for you

(Villanova University: September, 2023)
  Sep 12 c a r o l i n e
Poet X
I swear I’m not a love poet but

loving you
makes me scared of dying .

I know what it’s all about now,
I get why the sun rises
and the moon sets.
I understand why the stars shine
and the birds chirp.
I get why the heart beats
and the lungs breathe.

I get it now,
why I’m alive.
loving you is the only thing I feel good at .
i know you like
the back of my hand
but i don't like
wasted time i can't get back
no, i’m not getting any younger

i know i’d be lying,
twiddling them thumbs
of me just writing
another dumb poem
if you move aside
yeah, i promise to move forward

but why does it have to be subliminal
the messages you left, i read them all

and just like a toy, it was shiny and new
so luminous, yet dangerous,
you were just a boy, for all i knew

falling as the stars fall
burning as they do
shining like that, giving their all
that’s my love for you
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