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1.0k · Jun 2014
Ego-Driven Clown
buzz Jun 2014
What do you think we know
What do you think we see
Have you ever questioned life
And wonder what it could be

Have you study the number seven
And its significant means
What really are the heavens
Are they really what we read

What do you think you know
What do you think you see
Would you call me crazy
For not believing in duality

Is common sense so common
Are you the batman or the robin
Is it all a state of mind
Do you know the truth behind death or time

Have you ever been a witness
Or an abductee
Do you believe
Or are you that naive

I don't have to say it twice
The world is not what it seems
But the corruption is real
Control, ***, and greed

Until we realize we are more
Then a nine to five
It is then when
We are truly alive

But for now the artificial and corruption
Are destroying our true nature and keeping us down
While creating the most powerful evil of all

An ego-driven clown.
299 · Jun 2014
Pretty Lady
buzz Jun 2014
Hey pretty lady.
How have you been?
I've been thinking of you
A lot lately.

Every time I look outside the window,
I see fewer and fewer trees.
Every time my head hits the pillow,
I think of you and I can finally breathe.

I wake up in the morning
Drowning in my dreams.
I wake up thinking of you
But these feelings are not what they seem.

I go through the day
Trying to let go.
I get so close,
But my heart says no.

Eventually I will
Have the will
To let go.
But for now,

You are the pretty lady, I don't even know.
Feedback is much appreciated.

— The End —