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Lisa 3d
I saw the leaves turn to dust
From the roses petals
The many admirers gave to you

I saw the gleam of loneliness in your sky blue eyes
Even though you are Beautiful
It’s not easy all the time

You wore the part so well
As you walked these halls
You smiled and waved
As they were calling your name

If they only knew
You were standing in your sorrow
If they only saw
As your skies turned to ash

I admired you from afar
Popular girl
I thought you had it all
Envious of your gaze
How you effortlessly would amaze

Just to hear you laugh
Or hear your sweet words
I bet they wouldn’t of even recognized

That you had a fall
You hit the dirt so hard
Getting back up
Would be a challenge

I saw you study the mirror
Every flaw on your chin or cheek
Your tears streaming down
My heart sank for you

If you the sun in everybody’s direction
Had trouble fighting to keep burning so bright
Then I a forgotten shadow
Would enter winter far too soon

Many years passed and I saw you still standing there
A paused moment
The same refrain added to an old song

Nothing is as always
What it seems
Remembering you
has taught me
Even the popular girls
The Beautiful Girls
Get Broken
Lisa Jan 9
They say love always has to burn bright
Don’t let the chemicals of love drift

I beg to differ

Because loving you doesn’t come from
Lusts confusion
Or the torment of drama chemistry leaves in ruins
It comes from my strength
To hold you up when you are weak
It comes from my tears when you are sad
It comes from my longing that you are all I need to know
It comes from within a place of my existence
You are I call my own

They say as long as you have desire
I say sheets on fire is fleeting
They say romance is dead
I say romance lives within us all

I understand love has no logic
Because at times we don’t make sense

I would rather have the notion I would die
So you wouldn’t have to live an ounce of pain

As long as I’m still breathing
Holding you until the last breath I take

Is more in-depth then a flickering spark
Lisa Jan 9
It would be wrong to be Naïve
To think nothing could break me
So I built up my fortress of solitude
Walls barricaded me in,I was unharmed
Just lonely and not free

I was used to the tears
Always streaming down my face
I decided no longer to cry
Wished all goodbye

I could stay hidden
Into the darkest of places
I could stay with no more pain inflicted

I was alone and not free

I could pass through the mazes of crowds
faces of strangers
Not make a sound when someone mentions me

Sure, I was all on my own
Unrecognizable to myself
I still wasn’t free

How do I live?
Between the walls and outer surfaces
Exposing my heart to all the dangers and threats
That it could break
That it would break

It was worth all the agonizing
Soul tearing longing
To see loneliness was no longer a friend to me

I sold myself to the notion
Life can’t make promises
There are no guarantees
Toxic is unworthy
Love can cure the lost
I tore down the walls
Where lonely wouldn’t bother me
I could be free!
Lisa Dec 2019
Funny dreams
Inspired me
To exist in a world that is dark

You abandoned the flame
It extinguished on its own
Now there’s no longer a spark

After you faded
I dreamed nothing dreams
Of white and black

I sat idly by
Ideals you would come back

Then one night
In a vast empty sky
I started to see my loneliness paint the stars

My tears hung the moon

My sorrow built a solid foundation
I began to walk

I no longer drifted in and out of memory scenes
Of you standing there
I realized you’re just billowing smoke

I began to walk on a straighter path
Towards the Sun

I no longer have tears in my eyes
I learned how to smile

There was a man on the side of my road
He was selling laughter and love
I caved in and brought him along on my walks

Now you’re just an image of a place
I no longer belong

You’re just a past dream in a string of new memories

My life once was cruel after you left

Funny how it’s better now

Without You
Lisa Dec 2019
We are all broken here
A little misunderstood

We are mighty strong
We persevere in the dark

Bring on the raging storms
The wind and the rain
We are built from many tears
We are survivors of the pain

We strive for the lighter path
We always need the truth
We will never be cruel
For we know abuse

We were the innocent
The gullible and naïve
To believe at one time
We could be tattered hearts
Sewn upon each sleeve

Now we will amaze
As we stand tall on the ground
Because we have scars
It makes us
Beautiful and Profound
Lisa Oct 2019
Insecure Child
How far do you think you’ll get?
Before the winds break your spirit down
The clock strikes
The hour has just begun
You’ve packed up all belongings
None will do you good
The tears won’t go away
No matter where you run

Lost Child
What becomes of somebody?
Broken down to size
Their sorrow reflected in their eyes
The world is cruel and unforgiving
When you are alone
How will you cross that storm
Without a helping hand

I see the beauty of the soft skin
Harmonious Heart within
If you tear down your walls
The people you let in
Will find your smile as good as gold
They will know what magic you behold
When you speak of honest things

I see hope but not on a cold shoulders back
I see fire but not when all you have is water
So let the rages of what’s bringing you down
Set ablaze a trail
Let it leave your mark
Then you’ll see
The world was always yours
Lisa Oct 2019
Tomorrow fades before my eyes
Envisioning star dust, ahead of the clock, clouds my eyes
Stealing moonbeams as a child
Never knowing in those moments I could have done anything
Go anywhere and be anyone

Yesterday is all a summary
Of my life wrapped around my pinkie
Of secret whispers that echo
The world was brighter and somehow bigger
Back then
Where you were still framed smiling
I can still hear you calling out my name
Reaching out to me
We were if not one but equally the same

Today is filled with nostalgia
That wages war against the hour
If I move forward
Everything I knew will change
Letting go
I live in the between
So what good is it to take residence in my dreams?
Being eyes wide open
I see all the possibilities
That neither once or will be
Here and
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