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Rip me open,
rip rip rip,
until you see nothing but a shock of white,
my stuffing spills out onto the floor,
and now you have a mess to clean up,
and I am oddly empty.
Licking tears away with your warmth,
your sunshine dries them,
maybe they will taste good to you.
You wrap your icy fingers around my petals,
around me,
and you squeeze squeeze squeeze,
until I escape and hide inside,
and warm myself by the fire,
safe in my flowerpot.
I am invalidated day after day,
no matter what it is that I say,
and it's always the same things.

You dress weird!
Genderfluid doesn't exist!
Pick a side!
You can only like one gender!
dear sky,
dark and gloomy sky,
hopefully tonight your clouds will part,
and the stars will show from above.
You have your ways,
your sunshine-y ways
you are perfect,
you are bright,
you are true.
Though we haven't talked too long,
I will say that I love you.
I miss him most at nighttime,
when I cannot see him,
when he sinks below the ground,
and I cannot see him.

During the daytime,
he shines bright,
and his warm embrace is thrown upon me.
despite his being so far away.

And I feel his love no matter the time of day.
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