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Just Here Apr 27
i honestly wish the situation
would pass quickly
and honestly i wish i had a say
but she is the one its about
not me
i am her sister
but my opinion is not relevant at all
and i am just a watcher.
Just Here Apr 20
for two weeks,
i had stayed comfy in my home,
because April showers sure do pour.
if i had known me coming back were a problem,
i would have stayed home again today,
because what would i listen to your scolding for?
Just Here Mar 29
although I am having a difficult time
without a home,
he feels so much like home that sometimes,
I don't even notice anymore.
Just Here Mar 21
at this rate it seems
almost impossible
to find a place to be, that I can call home,
because it's been so long,
since home was a place,
and it feels like it'll never be a place ever again.
so for now,
my home is you.
Just Here Mar 11
My entire life
is in a backpack
because even if where we stay isn't the same
as the day before,
at least the stuff I carry
in this backpack
is the same stuff every day.
Just Here Mar 5
Je veux te sentir sur moi, pourtant tu es si ****.
C'est injuste.
I will be patient, however,
because the fires don't go down that easily.
Ma tĂȘte est remplie de toi qui me fais l'amour.
Maybe patience isn't my virtue in all honesty.
Just Here Mar 2
I am furiously banging on the door
I am cold
I am tired
I need some sleep,
let me in.
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