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Kai Schultz Mar 12
so you think
you really think
the world cares?
you're a tiny speck
a small thing
and you still think
that you're special
when there are so many more little specks on the earth
just like you?
what is your problem?
cant you see you're just like me,
and that your words are meaningless to me?
Kai Schultz Mar 12
I tried to die
wanted it
yet he came
he yelled
he told me off
yet he didn't sugarcoat it.
He didn't get sweet
he didnt get sappy
no 'you deserve to live a long life'
'youll be missed if you do'
or any of that.
he gave it to me straight
and gave me the cold
and yet that helped more than anything else.
sweets just aren't for me, i suppose.
Kai Schultz Mar 10
flesh over fat
no muscle built
up and down the stairs
gasping for breath
after only going up then down twice.
silly girl!
don't quit now!
soon they will all adore
if you just keep away from the kitchen.
now hurry!
mother will be here to pick you up soon
get back on those stairs!
Kai Schultz Mar 9
packets of crisps
not even crumbs are left
the cookie jar is empty
and that jug of sweet tea
washed it all down
so it could come up easy
so it could come up
into the toilet it goes
along with my fear.
Kai Schultz Mar 9
on screens
will always be prettier than me
so that red button hangs in the air
until i press it
and I explode.
Kai Schultz Mar 9
A glance out a window
every time I raise up
up into the air
from the ground;
a single push up
one after another
keep going
til your lungs hurt
and your back bruises
and then do some more.
Why am I set
to self destruct??
Kai Schultz Feb 16
Dead on the block
Dead on the block
you told him "no"
You told him to stop
but did he listen?
No he did not
That's why that kid is dead on the block.
He was fightin' a fight that ain't mean to be fought
And he realised a while ago he'd already lost
He had tried to long to hide feelings he'd caught
But he wanted it all to just ******* stop.
This is the start to a rap.
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