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  Nov 4 Emma
Ashley Kay
A cross section of a man
Bones pointing to the high
Road, I lower into sloped layers
With an asymmetric smile
Built from earth up, jagged
edges slowly erode away
Emma Nov 3
Sunday on the school grounds
Wiping off the lead crowns
Beds set up in oyster shells
Weren’t we meant to breathe in
Sheriff’s silver casings
That fall out of the sky

And I say
Little red lies on your teeth,
your teeth,
Grinning at church bells
Atop your Van Gogh
window sill

Screams pinned on jackets and
conspiracies sprayed on knees
Black diamonds on the rocks,
the rocks,
This whisper ain’t got no
no privacy

Cutting your hands on dreams
Losing your last memory
Of white rabbits, door habits
Writhing like a royal trapped in
Big cash ins
Flayed for the prize to see

But it’s all
of your

So meet me, meet me
My sidewalk’s got salt line
Fish in a hunting ring
Leaf in an arctic breeze
I’ve got time I’ve got time
I’ve got cigarettes and lime
Come put this fire out
And take a shot to you
Emma Oct 12
Anxiety felt like burnt champagne
Searing as it went down, down, down
Wrong bottle, wrong taste
Sour smells, bitter waste

Anxiety felt like burnt champagne
Flat and dry against the roof
Choking, choking
Drowning, drowning

Anxiety felt like the Wrong Thing To Drink
But I kept drinking anyway
Cause it’s the the last thing in a forgotten bar
And who am I without it?
Emma Oct 2
Static sounds
and loading screens
System’s lagging
Count to three

Hey hey hey,
connection’s bad up here
Gimme a little more time
I’m getting there

Blinking lights
and reboot signs
‘Fraid the software’s gone, ma’am,
a little haywire

To be a machine,
Binary, binary,
yes or no

But I’ve got a body
and a brain that don’t sync
So strip me for parts, baby
‘cause I doubt I can think
Emma Sep 17
I steal golden apples
From the mouths of the statues of masters
Every night,
I sneak into the garden
Fountains tinkling poems
Rocks whispering symphonies

The sightless eyes of the moon
Track my every breath
Indifferent, uninterested

I bite into my prize
Each sweeter than the last
And I crave,
Crave the fire and ash
That burns my throat when I swallow
That clogs my lungs and eyes

And, the thief I am,
Came crawling back each time
Addicted to the sound of fervour

And every night hear me
Howling at the moon
Every night,
Crumpling into embers and smoke
Baring my soul to a deaf world
Drowning in the sounds of stolen words
Emma Sep 17
Quiet days with the fan turned low
Soft wind across knuckles
In solemn contemplation

The dog sits, begging for scratches
And there’s only me,
the air
and all the rumbling thunder
of thoughts and headspace
In between
Something itches behind my eyes
Maybe I’ll scratch it if I dream
Emma Sep 10
The concrete sidewalks
And metal rails
Are dry and wrung of rain

But the soil remembers the storm
And the trees don’t forget its taste
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