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 Feb 2015 Bella
Sarah Kline
I'll pretend, for you.
"I'm okay"
That's what I'll say, for you.
I'll do it because I know how you feel.
The feeling that you hurt someone is unreal.
It's hard to get rid of it especially when you thought you did the right thing.
Which you did, darling you did.
You did nothing wrong.
Yet there's 1 million songs that say what you did was wrong.
I'll pretend for you then I'm not blue.
You don't deserve to be hurt or feel the way I do.
If you're okay that's all that matters, one less person hurt is better than two.
I hope you don't think I'm blue, but if you do it's not fully because of you.
Yes you made me sing, dance , and smile & that's gone for a while.
Just know that's the only part of you (losing you) that made me blue.

— The End —