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Once a man and twice a child,
So now at this point and time, I want to make plans.
And keep my obligations to her as a faithful man as that stands.
I want to water her and let her grow.
But I wonder if it's water this plant desires.
What fertilizer to use to keep her stems firm, strong and make her beauty show,
But sometimes I really don't know.

What's every great man's plan for his woman,
Isn't it to make her the best her there can be?
And take her away from her troubles and miseries.
Seeing her smile and stress free,
With all that he can give to her no matter what it takes.
And make her happy every moment in life you can make.

Have children spend more time together and be a better father than mine.
Climb ladders to the top of our goals and achieve what we find.
Dig deep below the surface, see what's hidden,
Maybe we'll find some gold or treasure that's forbidden.

At the end of it all I just want to be by her side,
Through stormy days and the roughest tides.
And I'm ever faithful and loyal, never one day lied.
And if I loose her because of anything all I know is that I tried.
 Sep 2018 brat bunny
Girls think they fall in love with guys
But they do not understand what's falling in love
Because I fell in love with a place
I fell in love with this place and now it holds my heart
I am never happy if I am not there
I don't feel if I am not there
I fell in love with a place that got ripped out of my hands
 Sep 2018 brat bunny
 Sep 2018 brat bunny
Why do I have to be the only one alone

No I don't mean that I don't have friends or family.

I mean why does my brain make meeting someone special and being in a relationship with them such a concept that I can't grasp

Why do my hands and mouth slip at the chances I get, why do I hesitate until too late and my chance is foiled by none other then myself
Written May 25th 2018
Do you know Bangtan?
BTS? Do you know it?
Then follow me, friend!
WHOS AN ARMY??? WHO LOVES BTS(for the ones who dont know, its a kpop group. look it up!)???? BANGTANSONEONDAN!!!! YA!!

— The End —