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Bryce K Jan 2015
I used to suffer through the pain.
A pain never ending.
I finally say no more,
Because I've given up.

There will be no more battles to fight,
No more sleepless nights.
This needs to end now.
And with a jump, it does.
Bryce K Jan 2015
You stand by me when all gets dark.
You stand by me when my world falls apart.

You're always there, at my side
You never left, you never tried.

With you I'm complete.
Something no one else, can see.

Together, two pieces of a whole.
Two pieces, of one soul.
Bryce K Jan 2015
Songs of the songbirds sung high,
Gracing the ears of passers by.
Sweet lullabies from the nightingale,
Make songs from the songbirds, seem pale.

The nightingale sings its tune for all to hear.
People stop to listen, and for the singer, they peer.
Hoping for a glance of the singing bird,
They search and search for the singer of the song they heard.

Hiding now from its admiring audience,
The nightingale continues to sing and sing for not a single pence.
Tired and content the nightingale stops and dozes,
Waiting for tomorrow, hidden, among the roses.
Bryce K May 2014
I wander barefoot oh rolling hills of green, sun shining on my face.
Looking down at my toes I see flowers, blooming with life.
Busy bees buzzing from blossom to blossom, humming as they pass.
Every step stirs the dandelions, their seeds dance and swirl around me.
I gaze upward to look at the fluffy white clouds marching on.
I soon hear a choir of birds, their songs carried by the breeze.
They sing and flutter above me, weaving together elegantly as one.
I lie down with my back on the grass and lay enchanted.
Enchanted by the beauteous nature around me.
Bryce K Dec 2013
Her unending gaze wraps victims in a haze.
She has nothing to own, but her victims of stone.
With a head of snakes, her heart aches.
No one to love but the snakes above,
for every man she sees starts to freeze.
Deemed a monster, never to prosper,
she's forever  alone with her victims of stone.
Bryce K Nov 2013
The evening sky grows murky green
The winds whip and roar
Clouds swirl and merge together
A funnel begins to form
As it drops, people scream and hide
It hits the ground  and dust and debris fly high
It destroys everything in sight
People cry and pray to their god,
but the tornado obeys no one,
and does what it loves best...

Bryce K Nov 2013
The blood rose remains
Vengeful for eternity
It never forgets
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