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hornets bouncing off each other
mosquitoes flopping in the humidity
grass is high, enemy is low
knees eating mud, elbows pulling forward
hands covered in grime, grasping rifle
birds flutter, overhead
sudden gunfire
another language, echoing in the valley
smooth, sweaty hips
*fingers prying at fatty flesh

leans, her ******* on my hair
licking her stomach, salt droplets drip
fingers slide into her, warm flesh fibers rip
moaning, moaning the stars
widens her base, toes spread
pull fingers out, into mouth
*tastes like the dead
soldiers at my door, buying meat
I am parts, bolts, circuits
to them, I am the gas prices
but they were never there
phantoms leaving footprints
they may be mine
graciousness abound, my only father
scrubbing my body with ivory soap
tub swallowing my filth
anywhere else, I imagine
wishing death upon the celestial
they're all playing dead
the streets are eaten by children
mothers hold your babies
waves of blood ricochet from body to body
I may be imagining it all
I may be insane
I may be the only sane
fathering an orphaned reputation
egos flash by, headlights glimmer
long legs of women, stretching across sidewalk
children swarming the elderly, beating until blood splatter
what a wasteland, my home
what a life, mine fleeting
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