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Bryanna Jun 2014
I noticed you
I met you
I liked you
I saw you
Your smile
I heard you
Your laugh
I touched you
Your hands, shoulders, face
I liked you
We engaged in conversations
about our likes, and dislikes
our random thoughts
I think I could've loved you
But then you left
without warning
I met you
I liked you
I think I could've loved you
You left
And now
at 2 AM in the morning
I miss you
Bryanna Jun 2014
I remember a period of time when I could think about you
and a smile would spread across my face
You were a serendipity
I did not expect someone like you to
waltz into my life
But you came
You were so shy and quiet
As was I
But we could talk about anything
and everything
I was an open book in your hands
I covered my scars
with bandaids
I pulled back the covers
I stepped out of the walls I had built around myself
and I let myself shine for you
I was a piece of paper
and you were the pen
I was a blank canvas
and you were the artist

But those times have long since passed
You left me without so much as a whisper
Although you were a part of my life for a short while
your presence left an imprint on my soul
The paper and pen ummoving, unchanging
Our story unwritten
and unfinished

Kind of like

— The End —