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The Artist
is one who is not satisfied by the lies of society
nor have they ever been,
nor will they ever be.

The Artist
is one who reflects back the so carelessly discarded toxins of society
so has it always been,
so shall it always be.

The Artist
is not satisfied with what has been created, no matter the beauty
so must it be
for more beauty to be made.

The Artist
is not one for rules and regulations
nor is he one for Authority
unless that authority is the Creative.

The Artist
is the harbinger of God
not in that he is of a particular religion,
but in that he reflects the Divinity of reality
even if in his own twisted, satirical way.

The Artist
is one who is compelled to imagine;
who is compelled to challenge the norms
as well as the taboos
of their time

The Artist
is a Prophet
of the Godself.
 Apr 2014 Bryan Dahl
 Apr 2014 Bryan Dahl
Is merely the devil's chest.
An empty hole
He is desperately trying to fill.
 Apr 2014 Bryan Dahl
When you see her cry
     you get a rag,
a gentle delicate cloth.
                                        Lovingly grasp her hand
                                               and dab its tip;
                                       dry each tear as they come.
                                                           ­                               And ask each drop
                                                            ­                                   why it'd leave
                                                           ­                               such beautiful eyes.

  If she wishes
to be in the sky,
  tell her to go.
                              Take the sun ransom,
                              and replace its shining
                                    with her own.
                                                            ­          So you can see her every morning
                                                         ­                          and wish for her
                                                                ­                  return each night.

When you see her scars
  both visible and non-
    touch each gently.
                                             And remind her
                                       that each and every hurt
                                            she has survived,
                                                       ­                                 has only made her
                                                                ­                   that much more unique;
                                                         ­                              that much stronger.

  Show her that she
  is a special person
and is worthy of love.
                                     That she deserves the love
                                            she fears to give...
                                            show her so that
                                                            ­                     one day after you're gone
                                                            ­                      she can find the strength
                                                                ­                    to go on without you.

    Tell her that while
she might not be a goddess
far above worldly desires,
                                          that she is amazing,
                                         for just being herself
                                    for being that beautiful girl
                                                            ­                   who thinks herself damaged
                                                         ­                         when in truth she's just
                                                            ­                    a different kind of beautiful.

   And finally, love her.
  Like a boy loves a girl
Till she finally remembers
                                            that that's what she is:
                                          not a scar, not a goddess,
                                             not a star. But a girl.
                                                           ­                         That deserves to be loved.
Lioness, she
unsheaths claws
Tongue and teeth and flesh,
All yours,
Prey devoured,
 Sep 2013 Bryan Dahl
 Sep 2013 Bryan Dahl
these are not Truths
-these inner workings- these vulnerable selves-
integrated with what is, was, might have been, will be, could be-
half the story is never even told-
she keeps on writing-
 Aug 2013 Bryan Dahl
 Aug 2013 Bryan Dahl
as the women grind grain in their mortars
i kneel nearby.
watching them scrub the grain sand smooth
my organs feel too hot
burning hot
so hot and it hurts and
i want to perform harikari
just to let out the heat
just a quick slice across my belly
just to cool off my steaming intestines
 Aug 2013 Bryan Dahl
you're like a lunar eclipse
giving off this feeling of

polarizing -

                                                       are we alive?
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