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Feb 5 · 75
Ice Butt
Bruce Demos Feb 5
Like a stumbling toddler,
I skate across the ice.
Smiling, flailing, windmills:
I’m frozen still in time.

Hardly moving, I think
I’m speeding by at last.
Now to show off my skills,
I fall ****-first and laugh.
Feb 5 · 53
Bruce Demos Feb 5
i never met the little one
they flushed away that night
a fleeting dreamt up fantasy
miscarried out of sight.

i never even thought not once
a fate where they survived
but all i think about them now
is that fleeting dreamt up night.

i never met the little one
whose name i wouldn't hear
for losing more than fantasy
was too dangerous a fear.
Feb 5 · 46
Bruce Demos Feb 5
Is all you hear of
Little swallowed sounds
I didn't dare share
Lumped deep down my chest.
There goes another one,
A silly, stumbling one...
I sort of like that one...
They wouldn't.
It's so loud down there
Where I buried them
Under silk dirt sheets...
I wish they were here.
No no that won't do.
No no that's too dumb.
No no! Something New!
Dec 2019 · 304
Cordyceptic Blame
Bruce Demos Dec 2019
It must've been that odd mushroom:
Its pungent spewed spores have made me
A fungal all-fours beast of gloom.

It couldn't have been my own brain:
So toxic, rotten, and seeping
Out meanness, spreading all the same.

Infected, that's why I'm absolved
From sinful guilty reflections,
It was them, not me, that mushroom.
Cordyceps are small yellow fungi that infect insects and other fungi, turning them into mindless zombies that spread the infection until it eats its host.
Nov 2019 · 122
Serious Thoughts
Bruce Demos Nov 2019
If I fail this test... well I don't know...
Perhaps I'll drop out of school and walk
Thousands of miles to start a new life
Where things are easy and nice and sweet
Like spoonfuls of sugar for mouth-bleeds.

Or maybe I'll tug my hoodie tight
And hibernate in my mobile cave,
Soundproof from the shuffling strangers there,
Because behind the walls of my mind
All I need are daydreams of springtime.

Or I might borrow a better brain
From a friend who knows a lot of things
Like how to laugh right or calculate
The speed as Train A, Train B collide.
Yeah, I think that plan would work out fine.

Unless... unless I manage to pass.
But that's just a silly thought to have.
Sep 2019 · 525
Feather Tree
Bruce Demos Sep 2019
Laying under the feather tree,
Breathing scents of serenity,
Soft down feathers come falling down
And swaddle me on fuzzy ground.
I'm fast asleep in memories
Of all the things I haven't seen,
As I stay by the feather tree.
Sep 2019 · 108
Life in Punctuations
Sep 2019 · 656
Melatonin Midnights
Bruce Demos Sep 2019
One two one two melatonin pieces will do
In my warm cocoon
A bumbling butterfly
Stumbling through the night
In search of warm dreams
Can't find them anywhere
No matter how hard I try to fall asleep
Aug 2019 · 235
Bruce Demos Aug 2019
((view horizontally on the phone))

I                        graph,                        s­ighs
    was      cosine          up         down,        and
             a                              and                            lau­ghs.

Intervals                              and
              s­lowing        peaks       troughs
                             fast,                              past
                         ­                                                  the
                                                             ­                     floor,
                                     ­                                               couldn't
         ­                                                                 ­               take
                                                            ­                             any
                                                             ­                            more
                                                            ­                                 !

falling                                up
       through                swings
             infinity,     curve
Aug 2019 · 177
Green Pine Cones
Bruce Demos Aug 2019
So we found some green pine cones
with black spindles poking out
and a funny, fuzzy fur.

When we pulled apart the scales,  
a pungent Christmas smell
wafted from its fruity core.

Speculations ran amok
until we recognized an
unblossomed magnolia
Aug 2019 · 175
A Ball in Roses
Bruce Demos Aug 2019
a ball in roses
too scared the thorns will catch me
so i leave it there
A recurrent dream I commandeered
May 2019 · 212
Into a Pillow I Scream,
Bruce Demos May 2019
It softly responds, “No need to yell.”
May 2019 · 184
One Knee, Ring Pop
Bruce Demos May 2019
One knee,
Ring pop
I thought
A lot

From tone
To pitch
To how
To dress

Half joke
Let’s hope
The best
True story
Bruce Demos May 2019
I am a revolutionary who lies in bed!
Leading the abused within my head,
I smelt their shackles into gleaming swords
The sort you see in dreams of course.

But why stop there? I am a philosopher
Taught the finest shadows in Plato’s cave,
A misanthrope who loves to post all the ways
I’d change the world if I were awake.
An artist who only writes self-deprecation
Instead of showing an ounce of creative dedication.

I am an arsonist who lights my own home
Just to keep warm and the night well shone
And with everything ablaze I always feel like I’m alone.

Perhaps, I should admit it could be, just maybe,
I hide the same problems everyone else has behind a fantasy
And instead I should accept I am just a boy lying in bed.
Goodnight fellow arsonists!
Apr 2019 · 202
Bed Ghosts
Bruce Demos Apr 2019
I swear Ghosts are real!
What else could keep me
In bed all day?
Apr 2019 · 1.1k
Bruce Demos Apr 2019
There was a man masquerading as me,
But I caught him by the collar
And wrenched him out!
Apr 2019 · 1.3k
A Falsified Account
Bruce Demos Apr 2019
No wrongs to right, no lost love to mourn,
I must concoct an awful lot of falsified accounts.
But why should I neglect my life,
For self-burnt homes and hidden doubts?
Apr 2019 · 290
Madame Silence
Bruce Demos Apr 2019
I found company in my solitude.
Madame Silence gives the best kisses,
Even when I hear muffled melodies.
Bruce Demos Apr 2019
if i kissed you soft enough
would you share with me your love?

if I fall in love again
will you stay and do the same?
Apr 2019 · 266
Bruce Demos Apr 2019
Look here! No here!
Buy me! Want me! Use me!
Don’t you see? I make you happy!

Post. Scroll. Feed.
Dig. Carve. Feast!

Smiles. *******. Wealth. ***.
For you we only want the best!

Watch your friends. Watch your fans.
Watch someone you’ll never know.

Feb 2019 · 198
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
I am a poem etched onto pulped-up trees,
Or did wandering taps on keyboard keys release me?
Or had it been rushed, late night confessions
That tore my shackles off and torched inhibitions?

Regardless, I’ll hold you. Down hallways or in bed,
I’ll shield your burnt soul from the fire in your head,
And if you’re out of breath—beaten, bruised, tossed aside—
You can find reprieve in between my lines.

I am the poem you press against your chest,
And to your scrawled thoughts and poured dreams I attest.
Feb 2019 · 627
#2 Pencil
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
My neck aches from testing
And staying up all night
To brand numbers on my skin
Calloused from pens held tight
Feb 2019 · 192
This Feels So Right
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
It's when you blush, my heart explodes
Maybe because, the things I know
Like how I love to hear your laugh
Or how I want to make this last.

Maybe it's how you look at me
Or how you sound when you're sleepy
Could be our laughs laying in bed
Or just the way your nose turns red.

I missed your voice and sharing songs
And looking at the calm blue dawn
Or it might be - I'm glad to say -
How this feels right in every way.
Feb 2019 · 178
Mid-Summer Morning
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
I am writing these words in an empty notebook
On a warm, humid, mid-summer morning,
Masked by the speckled shade of my tree's canopy.

My dog stands beside me
His paws among the crisp grass
Covered by dew and red fallen petals.

From across the lake in front of me,
there are birds sending eloquent songs
On a journey across the placid waters;

Above me is a juvenile blue-jay,
Still without its royal blue crest,
which has made this its home.

This beautiful scene I am immersed in,
Gorgeous like a painting still drying,
Its wet paint glistening,
Has become my home.
Feb 2019 · 146
Speck I Am!
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
Oh, how I yearn to write words that matter!
How I prayed to a god made deaf by mournful echos.
Oh, how I type away into this keyboard diligently,
Attempting to justify this rotting mind of mine.

These words have no meaning behind them,
And yet I march on and try to defy sense!

Oh, how I crave to be significant and something
More than just the invisible speck I am!
Oh, how I write these words attempting to uncover
Some truth that had never even sprouted.

These words are my only testimony to you, my friend,
And utter again - I beg - the soul it tried to mend!
Feb 2019 · 228
Dropped Heart
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
I dropped your heart
That night it fell.
Please pick it up
And say you’re well.
Feb 2019 · 212
Dirt, meet Flower
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
Green, black
This day lacks
A flower surrounded by mud
Dirt, meet Flower
Grow, love
Feb 2019 · 198
Bright Feathers
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
A bird perched on my chest last night.
You should have seen me jolt awake,
How it remained so near my face!

I stared at its gem blue, stained red.
Yet when I touched its bloodied plume,
A storm of black consumed my room.

With lightning’s strike I could perceive
Sweet-scented subversive coffee
Among French dreams of Liberty

Followed by sounds of clashing arms
Between brothers of blue and gray
Over the fate of the enslaved.

At once I felt the long struggle of
Tenant farmers now freed from lords,
Working mothers who dream of more.

My child ached from days of work.
His stomach starved because the Board
Deemed him something they can’t afford.

Too much! Too sad! I couldn’t last
A second more, and so I seized
The beast as my new centerpiece.

Such bright feathers but such a bore,
Now gawk with me and wine some more.
Feb 2019 · 198
Passion Still
Bruce Demos Feb 2019
Kissing you
Staring back
Feeling safe
Breathing fast

Sun hot touch
Angel's skin
Sugar sweet
Free of sin

Young love is
Passion still.

— The End —