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Brooke Davis Jul 25
So history repeats itself,
her heart split between two.
Just call her Daisy Buchanan,
a beautiful little fool.
Brooke Davis Jul 23
Do you still read these?

Would you even let me know?

Do you still look for me?

In the crowded places you go?

Am I still there, lingering in your mind?

Or has all hope of us been resigned?

If you could, would you still make me yours?

Or is my heart pounding against closed doors?
Brooke Davis Jul 23
When I was with you,
I was sent back,
into a capsule of time,
where the world was
once devine,
I was younger,
for an evening,
less jaded,
easy breathing,
heart felt healed,
my soul felt ​seen,
was it all real?
Or just an elaborate dream?
Brooke Davis May 12
I am the butter,
left out in a dish,
in many regards.
Most People don't care,
until suddenly they do.

Its okay then to
spread me thin,
stick a knife in me again
and again,
scrape and smear me,
I seep into the cracks,
soften the scratchy parts,
radiate warmth,

I'm lovable after all...
but only for a time,
then leave me,
until the next use.
Take and take
till there's nothing left,
Savor your bites,
It will be the last of me.
Brooke Davis Aug 2021
Your words were diamonds,
glimmering with hope,

before they cut
jagged and sharp.

I’ve been shattered,
ever since you sunk in,

hapazardly slapping shiny patches
over the hard scratches.

I am mended for a time,
glass half full,

until one inspects the small rivulet
seeping through the splinters.

A brook weeping at the seams,
glass half empty.
Brooke Davis May 2020
Everytime you come around
you always gotta make an issue,
this is 2020 boy
I ain't crying in no tissues,
I stayed loaning out my heart
to a player who was faking,
Everything I did for you
a broken heart was my repayment.
Brooke Davis Jul 2019
I was searching for love
He was searching for looks
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