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Brooke Davis May 23
Everytime you come around
you always gotta make an issue,
this is 2020 boy
I ain't crying in no tissues,
I stayed loaning out my heart
to a player who was faking,
Everything I did for you
a broken heart was my repayment.
Brooke Davis Jul 2019
I was searching for love
He was searching for looks
Brooke Davis Jul 2019
Your igniting gaze
sets off fireworks
and mustard gas
through my veins.
Brooke Davis Feb 2019
I would have crossed galaxies for you,
we could have exsisted in our own universe.

But you threw my love into the abyss and


erased my memory.

What did it cost?
Brooke Davis Sep 2018
Laying naked
In an empty tub,
bottle of cheap bub,
writing ****** poems.
Brooke Davis Aug 2018
Why do I always pine
after that which is not mine?
Brooke Davis Apr 2018
I dream of your phantom at night,
spectres with empty promises
that tempt me all the same
and im reunited with my childhood daze.

I give in to the visceral wanting,
to your sweet shadowy haunting.
I am reminded of what I feel still,
old skeletons in the closet.

Cobwebs try to blur your memory,
but no matter how many times I attempt to banish these old demons,
I am still left with the ghost of you wandering my mind.
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