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Oct 2019 · 122
Lumi Oct 2019
i miss the way you
would let me ruin you
and take advantage
of your vantage points
and use your skills
to **** myself slowly
and you never knew
what i was doing
what plan i was brewing
because if your did
you'd never let me out again
and i've only just been set free
from my cage
Oct 2019 · 307
Lumi Oct 2019
when you get the call
would you cry at all
would you mourn the girl you never really knew?

when i start to fall
would you stand up tall
or would you let me ruin you?
haven't posted in forever, plus my writing ***** but, i'm working on it.
Jul 2019 · 114
Lumi Jul 2019
I've been looking at all the poems I wrote before you died
They've gotten smudged form all the tears I cried
When I realized
That I will never be able to write you back to life.
Jul 2019 · 73
Lumi Jul 2019
All the people
Are Against the people
Under the people
Who hurt the people
When the people
Only hurt the people
Because the people
Are the ones who hurt them first
Jun 2019 · 384
Lumi Jun 2019
I woke up this morning happy
And then I remember you never did
And you never will again.
Jun 2019 · 90
Lumi Jun 2019
if you dont love your friends
like you love your family
are they really your friends?
Jun 2019 · 140
Lumi Jun 2019
where does the plastic end
and the human begin?
Jun 2019 · 808
Lumi Jun 2019
you will believe and say you know someone
until they are six feet underground
and realize you never really did.
May 2019 · 582
Lumi May 2019
i just need someone to love me so bad
because i hate myself so much
May 2019 · 302
Lumi May 2019
I promised never to hurt you
And I broke it
I broke myself
I'm so sorry.
May 2019 · 55
Lumi May 2019
Your voice still echoes in the emptiness of where my heart once was before you ate it for breakfast and left me to starve.
May 2019 · 189
Lumi May 2019
For i am now just half the person i was before
And i really wish i knew who that was.
May 2019 · 431
Lumi May 2019
If you could go back in time
And save yourself
Would you?
Apr 2019 · 159
You Are
Lumi Apr 2019
You are strong

You are brave

You are a warrior

You are a survivor

You are validated

You are not pathetic

You are not your illness

You are not your disorder

You are not weak

You are not stupid

You are not a failure

You are not alone
Apr 2019 · 112
Lumi Apr 2019
i promise
i will love you
even when you don't have the strength to love me back
and especially when you are too weak to love yourself
Apr 2019 · 134
Lumi Apr 2019
she will spill rainbows from her pockets
to distract your eyes
from the storms leaking out of her lips.
Apr 2019 · 211
Lumi Apr 2019
smiling is a lot sadder than frowning,
because when you're frowning you're not hiding anything.
Apr 2019 · 75
Lumi Apr 2019
What you see in the mirror is a false perception
Twisted reflection lost in inner recollection
Breaking your self affection
Giving you this false idea of perfection
Picking through pieces for a prime selection
Of something you are not.
Apr 2019 · 91
Lumi Apr 2019
the feeling of being alone
is so deliciously painful
i can't help but crave it as well as hate it at the same time.
Mar 2019 · 76
Lumi Mar 2019
we were bathing in moonlight,
you nestled into my arms,
humming lullabies in your sleep.

and i am pretending that you are not bleeding
and the gun did not just fall from your hand
and that the rain is just my tears on your cheek.

i hope you are here when i wake up.

that is,

i hope this is all just a dream
Mar 2019 · 78
Lumi Mar 2019
i wish i could have seen your world before it broke you.
Mar 2019 · 1.3k
Lumi Mar 2019
i wish i could be as beautiful
as you refuse to believe you are
Mar 2019 · 294
Lumi Mar 2019
i am haunted by what might have happened
if i had let you happen to me.
Mar 2019 · 120
world poetry day
Lumi Mar 2019
the day has arrived where
the darkest of thoughts
begin to plummet down
into our mouths
getting caught in our throat
unable to fight their way
around the crippling judgement
of a logical brain.

and we will fight for
our right to die
while being serenaded
by the robin
wet in summer rain
and drying in the blistering heat
as if the world
was ending
and all joy
had been abandoned.

for the joy has not been abandoned
we have simply abandoned ourselves.
Mar 2019 · 134
Lumi Mar 2019
for hidden in the tomorrow
that you mask with fear of the inevitable
there are the small things
that sting at first
those are the thing you did not expect
to enjoy as much as you did.
Mar 2019 · 79
Lumi Mar 2019
And maybe I'm just stupid for loving
Somebody who's existence I can't prove
Because it turns out ghosts aren't real
And neither are you.
Mar 2019 · 93
Lumi Mar 2019
rain is one of the saddest things
it's like the world has gone to so much ****
even the skies can't help but cry
Mar 2019 · 169
Lumi Mar 2019
why do we **** the most beautiful things
Mar 2019 · 53
Lumi Mar 2019
it was supposed
to be
you and me
against the world

and now
you have left
this world
and it is me
against myself.
Mar 2019 · 173
Lumi Mar 2019
normal is just a word made up by people afraid to be themselves.
Mar 2019 · 67
Lumi Mar 2019
Because if I can shine without the light in my life
Then I suppose I'm doing okay so far.
But I don't remember how to run away
Without a hand leading me through the dark.
Mar 2019 · 60
Lumi Mar 2019
we all hate each other so ******* much it's no wonder nobody loves themselves anymore.
Mar 2019 · 954
Lumi Mar 2019
I find that the emptier you are inside
The fuller your exterior surroundings become
And humans will soon suffocate themselves it what they want
While their true needs have been burned by passion for pleasure.

As we will all starve in search for a flavor we desire
While the sufficient tastes are in our own hands.
But we shall be as hollow as the stores we leave in our wake
And our minds will be dissatisfied with our own royalty.
Mar 2019 · 82
Lumi Mar 2019
i don't know which is worse

the fact i never forgot you

or that you wish i did
Feb 2019 · 299
Lumi Feb 2019
i'm trying to decide
whether it's good or not
for my last words
to be
'i love you'
Feb 2019 · 54
Lumi Feb 2019
Know it's always
And not how
Loud they cried.
Cause it's about you
Not the people who died.
Don't you see I've tried
All you've done is lied
Cause it's about you
Not the people who died.
Feb 2019 · 208
Lumi Feb 2019
all i feel is you
and i hate
that it hurts more
than feeling nothing
at all.
Feb 2019 · 60
Lumi Feb 2019
may i distract you
from salty rivers
and stained clothes
with fingertips
on the dancing lines
woven on once pale wrists.

i shall hold up your palm to your face
to see how much you've changed
and i may hope to god
that you are still here when i wake up.
Feb 2019 · 248
Lumi Feb 2019
i have always missed you
even more than myself.
Feb 2019 · 83
Lumi Feb 2019
remembering you is the only pain i can feel anymore.
you've made me go numb
and i like it that way.
Feb 2019 · 319
Lumi Feb 2019
The water is red,
The faces are pale.
The people are dead,
Survivors for sale.
i couldnt safe you even if i tried
Feb 2019 · 84
i'm fine
Lumi Feb 2019
Feb 2019 · 153
Lumi Feb 2019
"Go away"

'I don't have anyone else'

"You have yourself"

'No I don't'
Feb 2019 · 60
my flower
Lumi Feb 2019
you weren't here for long
but you were pretty while it lasted.
Feb 2019 · 161
Lumi Feb 2019
just because you can fight alone
doesn't mean you should.
Feb 2019 · 122
Lumi Feb 2019
i just wanted
to thank you
for existing

even now
that your
is over.
Feb 2019 · 321
Lumi Feb 2019
my love lives on
even when you don't.
Feb 2019 · 95
i have issues
Lumi Feb 2019
secluded while
everyone else's
Jan 2019 · 44
Lumi Jan 2019
she would bathe in all the moonshine
while i was caressed by her raging flame.

she would drown me in her kisses
and shower me in false affection.

because believing something is right,
doesn't make it so.
Jan 2019 · 105
it was always you
Lumi Jan 2019
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