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Lumi Jul 3
I've been looking at all the poems I wrote before you died
They've gotten smudged form all the tears I cried
When I realized
That I will never be able to write you back to life.
Lumi Jul 1
All the people
Are Against the people
Under the people
Who hurt the people
When the people
Only hurt the people
Because the people
Are the ones who hurt them first
Lumi Jun 11
I woke up this morning happy
And then I remember you never did
And you never will again.
Lumi Jun 10
if you dont love your friends
like you love your family
are they really your friends?
  Jun 6 Lumi
Jon York
I still hide you
    in my poetry and long after
             I have given up,
      my  heart still searches
                  for you

            Life is so ironic.
     It  takes  sadness  to  know
         what happiness is,
                   noise to
           appreciate silence.

                  The most
       beautiful things in life
               are not things,
     they're people and places,
             and memories and
           They're feelings and
              moments and
                and laughter.

       are always  special.
           We laugh by
     remembering the days
               we cried,
And we cry remembering
              the days
            we laughed.....!!    
               That's life.                                                    Jon York   2019
Lumi Jun 6
where does the plastic end
and the human begin?
Lumi Jun 4
you will believe and say you know someone
until they are six feet underground
and realize you never really did.
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