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Lumi Oct 2019
i miss the way you
would let me ruin you
and take advantage
of your vantage points
and use your skills
to **** myself slowly
and you never knew
what i was doing
what plan i was brewing
because if your did
you'd never let me out again
and i've only just been set free
from my cage
  Oct 2019 Lumi
I'm planning on breaking the bank so I can finally take my
overpriced alliteration vacation.

I sold all of my favorite clothes to make ends meet,
So, I plan on wearing costumes all day to fake like I know what I'm doing.
Lumi Oct 2019
when you get the call
would you cry at all
would you mourn the girl you never really knew?

when i start to fall
would you stand up tall
or would you let me ruin you?
haven't posted in forever, plus my writing ***** but, i'm working on it.
Lumi Jul 2019
I've been looking at all the poems I wrote before you died
They've gotten smudged form all the tears I cried
When I realized
That I will never be able to write you back to life.
Lumi Jul 2019
All the people
Are Against the people
Under the people
Who hurt the people
When the people
Only hurt the people
Because the people
Are the ones who hurt them first
Lumi Jun 2019
I woke up this morning happy
And then I remember you never did
And you never will again.
Lumi Jun 2019
if you dont love your friends
like you love your family
are they really your friends?
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