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Frozen in time
By the coldness of me
I was trying to make you see..
Theres to many things wrong with me.
Sure I'm a person.
But I have no heart
And I'm about to f
A p a  r t.
Everyday feels like a constant s t r u g g l e
A little girl washed out in the w
     ­                                                     e
          ­                                                    s
And everyday she tries to keep her head up
She gets pulled deeper to her grave
Her silent screams can't be heard
She is a slave of the sea
And maybe when she drowns
Everyone can see what is wrong with me.
I thought you loved me.
I thought someone cared.
You lied to me.
You said you just wanted a break.
But you didn't want me around.
You could have just said so.
Said it right to my face..
Told me that I'm not worth it.
That I mean nothing to you.
That you wouldn't care if I left.
Do you know how worthless you have made me feel?
Do you have any idea how ****** up I am?
Whats your reason, for doing this?
You told me I was your treasure that I mean't something, that I was beautiful.
Were those words just lies too?
I thought we could tell each other things.
Confide in each other.
I thought there were no secrets in our relationship.
I thought you were trying, I thought we were helping each other.
I thought wrong
Everything you told me were lies.
Everything I said was vague, but maybe its better to be like this, then to be like you.
"Curiosity killed the cat"
Your secrets killed me.
I'm sorry
I use these words to much
I hurt you
You hurt me
Why can't we live in harmony
I know you don't know what you did
But maybe it's because you did nothing
And I'm just confusing my words with my cussing
See I'm really confused and I'm sorry I did this
But are friendship I don't want to miss
See your a great person
And I'm sorry I'm like this
But maybe without me you can finally have bliss
I want to be your friend,
But I'm too messed up to be
And I know I just can't let you see the real ugly me.
I'm sorry
I care about y o u
Y o u
I don't want you to feel sick, or tired, or scared
I want to take the pain away from you
Because I care about you
Y o u
And I can't take it when you cry
Smudge your mascara lines
Your tears will surely make me die
Because your not the only one that crys
Deep down inside
I shouldn't care this much
About amazing
Y o u
But love is love, and what are you gonna do?
There is no need to be sorry anymore
No need to make me laugh
You were never there for me when I needed you but yet I have to take all the blame
When really I've done more for you there you can ever comprehend
And no matter how much I hate you, I'll still love you to the end
I can't stifle this any longer
And I need you to understand
That not every direction in life you will get a helping hand
You gotta use your little hands to rebuild what you have broken
And maybe then the dormant love you have for me can finally be awoken
See your broken "Apologies"
Mean nothing
And it shouldn't matter anymore
When you tell me to hold you up
But won't let me threw your door
Honestly could I not try to give you anymore?
You say that I'm too vauge
That I could never understand
But honestly I'm way too outmanned
Not like It's anything that you can withstand
Your confusing and your lost
You were never there for me
And all the fake smiles, and times I **** it up is all you'll ever see.
I take this pill every night
To fool  you into thinking everything is alright
To hide this B r o k e n  heart
From the very likes of you
And shrink my feelings down so no one knows whats true
I act like it's okay
Like everythings alright
But after everything has anyone seen the knife
Does anyone see the blood or the tears that I have shed
Or is my life a ******* broken mirror forever to be dead
I shatter like I'm glass
I break just like a bone
And I won't let anyone in because I'm destinted to be alone
I shiver like I'm cold
When all I need is you
Somthing to hold on to too help me sleep at night
Using people like this will I ever be alright?
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