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Broken Cardinal Oct 2018
I don't ask this always
To everyone. I mean
Of course it's tiring if it's just
Small talk that ends up in
Nothing. But yknow
Some people you just
Click with immediately and
Others you just
Fall head over heels for?
Oh sorry —
But hello, it's me, that
Socially awkward creature you
Decided to talk to
Out of the blue who
Happened to be in the
Same tutorial and who's fallen —
Well, what I mean is
Would you like to be friends?
Because, I don't know,
I would but I don't know if you'd
Like to be friends with
Someone like

You're really cool.
Making friends in uni is hard,
Especially when you've
Accidentally fallen in love first.
Broken Cardinal Oct 2018
Just a glimpse of you
Stops me breathing.
Just a touch and you've
Got me squealing.
Just a voice message and
I've replayed it over and over,
Each time still
Breaking into a
****** grin.
You make me
So happy.
Because it's too bad we can't be more.
Broken Cardinal Oct 2018
Such a pity that you'll
Never feel the same way
About me, because
You light up even the most
Mundane of days with
Such a simple thing
Like choosing a
Voice message
Over text.
My name will never feel the same.
Broken Cardinal Oct 2018
I remember today
Where you laid your head,
I felt the initial shock
And then the fizzle.
I remember heaving a deep sigh yet
Trying not to laugh too hard.
I remember how you
Inched your body closer, briefly
Caressing mine but
This all means nothing to you.
This is nice vibes.
This is a friendly gesture.
This is too much for me.
I remember as the bus
Turned round the corner to
Reach your stop,
I didn't want you to go.
I wanted to feel that touch just a
Little longer. The touch that
Means nothing to you, but
Everything to me.
Love me.
Broken Cardinal Oct 2018
It was a complete privilege to be
Completely enraptured by you.
Perhaps, someday, hopefully when I'm still available
We might cross paths again and
You would've changed.
Maybe someday your heart would
Ache for me too, as mine does for yours
And you would come calling for me.
Then I would turn around, smiling widely,
My heart stopped yet beating wildly.
I would wrap you up in open arms,
Kiss you on the cheek,
Grinning that you've finally come around.

Till then, I shall wait here in
Silence and darkness, with myself and
Only myself.
Broken Cardinal Oct 2018
I'd almost let slip from my tongue today
An odd little "dear" mid-sentence.
Then I typed myself backwards and
Rolled it all back,
For you cannot know,
You must not know,
Though I'd wish you'd know,
Or we might not even be
But could we be more?
Broken Cardinal Oct 2018
You lit up my world like a
Quick strike of a match,
Illuminating everything yet
Fast consuming anything.
I can't believe I fell so fast
Again and so I
Watch from afar
The still singeing debris.
At the core of it
Lies your crumpled blackened body,
Poised perfectly to a
Tempting degree.
I don't think you quite get how much I
Smile when I see your face, and so
It broke me when I saw you with his.
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