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Brodey Oct 2013
Drugs can be great and they can be destructive, they can take away any shred of your will for you to be productive. Some of them will even make your brain feel instructively reconstructive, when in reality its just making it reductive. Its only a matter of time until it starts it's demolition, then you'll be in a tough position and that's where some abort mission. Some people are lucky to come out of addiction and have no mental condition, those aren't any limited edition additions, they are there to stay and not to play. Drugs don't **** around and straight to your brain you gave them full permission along with free admission. I wouldn't blame you for taking the risk anyhow, when you take it and it hits you like POW all you can think is wow and wonder what's happening now. Unfortunately it all feels so great, you know, something you can really appreciate and do whether its early or late to put you in your favorite state, depending on the drug. Some feel like you're on top of the world and energetic as **** where others make you feel cozy and wrapped in a hug. You don't gotta be all **** and **** to do a drug, I did them for recreation. Then I lost all my movement and motivation, I no longer had any inspiration but to munch the **** out and play my PlayStation. Drugs overall drain you of something and you might think that that something is nothing but you'll be missing it and then you'll refuse to do any budging. You'll be caught in a slump, feeling like you're in a dump, and need a little bump to get you outta that ****. So if you're really willing to go through that **** and so much more, go ahead and be a *******, go be that **** addict by the back door. But you can't say that I didn't warn you about them anymore. Sometimes you feel they're perfect and even if that is the majority of the time, you gotta ask yourself if its really worth it.
Brodey Aug 2013
Its Death again
-He's always there-
watching, waiting with a stare.
Every time I look behind or reach to pull the window blind,
I catch a glimpse of grubby hood.
A clue to where he stood.
The glint of light that caught his scythe,
perhaps if I could pay a tithe..
But oh, no use, he'll never go..
The Adamant Phantom, don't you know?
He will but wait until its time for me to hear his fateful chime.
The toll that's only meant for me,
to say "You're next" it has to be....
In memory of a friend..

— The End —