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Britty Bruce Jun 2015
By my side.
was always you.
even when i would hide.
you knew exactly what to do.

actions speak louder then words.
you once told me.
now you fly high like a bird.
your finally able to be free.

I know mommy.
here with us is were you want to stay.
when we say no you become balmy.
i'll always talk to you when i pray.

I wish this was a dream.
Mommy im your really gonna be missed.
i can hear myself begin to scream.
your new life will always be blissed.

Mommy i love you.
I know you'll always love me.
even when i dont know what to do.
ill think of you while i sit under a tree.
for my dying mother that is so loved and precious
Britty Bruce Apr 2015
She walks through proud.
Her smile screams it loud.
She knows shes worth it.
Her past was the painful ****.
Nobody can knock her down.
But the unwanted frowns.
Her heart is the biggest!
Believe it or not her smile is the thickest.
She is so beautiful and happy.
Her actions are alittle slappy!
Her soul was just above.
She was called love.
Just a happy poem for though's tht think they cant find love its all around you.
Britty Bruce Apr 2015
Im taken.
But you I cant have forgotten.
I know I shouldn't feel this.
We both moved with bliss.
You hate me at the moment.
But I cant find myself to own it.
Now your gone.
Now its not the same when were done.
The one who has me I love.
But you I will always be inlove.
I hate you.
But I love you an don't know what to do..
I cant do this no more.
I feel like a used *****.
I miss when you acted dumb.
when we only had a few drinks like a ***.
even though we didn't make it through.
Ill still be here for you!
Im sorry for all the pain.
But your love was deep in my vain.
Just something tht I wrote to express my feelings right now.
  Apr 2015 Britty Bruce
Elizabeth Fruin
My world seems so different to yours
Its like I'm the moon and you're the stars
You get to twinkle at all the good and bad
While I smile at what I wish I had

You get the butterflies and flowers
While my feet dangle from the towers
You get to smell the roses everyday
As I feel myself slipping away

I found myself wishing away the years
Hoping that it'd cure me of these tears
Oh I find myself sinking far to deep
To a dot on the atlas I'd hate to keep

Getting washed up with lives current
As I wish for it to all be different
I remember you and how I wished it
Wished that I was you instead of me
Instead of this imperfect
Instead of this imperfect me

- E.A.F
For years, I was happy
Always smiling
Never really sad as I am now
The sun was always up, lights always shining

But now, I'm dying
Always depressed, found crying
The lights are out, the sun was destroyed
What's the point of living if the thing you lived for....was dead?
I am so depressed right now....
Britty Bruce Feb 2015
You made me think.
We had everything together.
Look im starting to drink.
You had told me we would be forever.
Now I sit in my room.
I found my best shiny friend.
When we play there's a mess, cant use a broom.
One day mr. silver will help me find the end.
He scream about love and pain.
Crying cause he says my beauties deep.
One day ill find my beauty in vain.
After I find it the boy might get to hear me weep.
He was the one to make the dreams.
The ones where I cant help but scream!
Love.... fake, my friend says.
Im here to help you sleep.
There wont be no suffering for days.
don't have to worry about the tummy deep.
they would be better without breath.
so we can give the boy what he wants. two deaths.
he broke the two hearts.
with his lieing darts.
thank you mr.silver....
a boy who broke a girl after giving her another life to deal with so she lets her "friend" take her away from everything
A girl who understands who we are
Busy and renowned, here and far
She is another friend I have here
Perhaps the one that is sort of near
She is one of two
What did I do?
To deserve her as my friend?
We like the same things....until the very end
She is the second friend I talk to :D
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