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Brittany Vasquez Feb 2016
On the other side of the room sits one single angel.
Through the crowds walking to class,
stands one single angle.

                                                                 Just one single angel,
One single angel shines brighter than any other.
The angel sits just across from me.
That one single angel that does not know of my existence.
There is one single angel I will never have.

                                                                 Just one single angel,
There I see that angel.
That angel for the first time stares back at me.
That angel smiles. He waves and smiles at me.
That one single angel gets up and sits next to me.
That one single angel admits his true feelings.
That one single angel becomes mine.

                                                                Just one single angel,
Now on the other side of the room sits no angel.
Not the one single angle I once knew.
This one single angel has turned cold and dark.
He is no longer the brightest angel in the crowd.
He is one single angel that will never be mine again.
The one single angel I will never want again.

                                                               Just one single angel.
Brittany Vasquez Dec 2015
The worst pain in te world is missing someone.
Knowing they could be happy without you.
That they may not even remember you.
The worst pain in the world is missing someone.
I miss you right now.
And I'm in a lot of pain right now.
Brittany Vasquez Nov 2015
At some point you just can't take it anymore.
At some point you don't want to be used anymore.
You want to know what it feels like to be loved.
At some point you wonder if you could even love someone.
You wonder if your heart would trust them.
You wonder if the only thing you know how to do, is be used.
That you may have turned into the people who hurt you.
At some point you decide you just need to be alone for awhile.
Away from the people who used you.
And the people who want you to be theirs for along time.
Brittany Vasquez Sep 2015
I don't know when or why but it happened.
And I'm sorry it did.
I don't know what not struggling looks like.
I don't know how it feels for all my hard work to pay off.
I know how it feels to succeed.
It's the best feeling but it goes away the next day.
There is nothing I can do about it.
You know sometimes I wish I was just lazy.
I know it sounds stupid but if I was just lazy I could fix it.
But I can't fix my chemically unbalanced brain.
One day maybe things will work themselves out.
But until then I will take my medication three times a day.
Hoping it will change things but it never really changes ****.
It helps but it doesn't make things better.
I think it's the failure and the worry the makes it hurt.
The worry of graduating and getting into college. I think that's what makes it hurt the most
Brittany Vasquez Sep 2015
The world will bring u back down when u have  finally gotten back up.
The world will give u what u want and take it back.
The world won't stop doing this for along time.
When things go bad cry, smile and get back up.
Stare at the wall for awhile and then get back to work.
Because the world will see your a fighter and won't let certain events keep u down.
It will test you and test you.
But at some point, even if just for a short time.
It will give you your silver lining you fought for.
Never say you can't fight back because I know that's not true.
Listen to my story you will never give up again.
I'm open to hear your comments on this poem
Brittany Vasquez Sep 2015
To be honest I've gone crazy.
You could say this is my way of coping.
Maybe me turning into a bad *** is me dealing with pain.
Or I'm just changing into the person I need to be.
Maybe I'm going alittle crazy.
Cussing at my teachers and any adult I can find to yell at.
Maybe that's just the true me.
Or maybe my anger I have bottled up is finally coming out.
Maybe I'm going crazy telling every man I want him so bad.
Making every high school boy I think is cute want me. Showing them how much of a good time I am.
Maybe I'm going crazy or I've become the person I really am.
I could be crazy but I'm happy because I just don't give a f* anymore.
Mainly I think it's the anger coming out of me.
From of all the years of pain from listening to others.
So have I turned wild or crazy?
Maybe and maybe not.
I'm just the creation of a messed up society.
Brittany Vasquez Aug 2015
I always believe that people can restart.
But others don't.
I believe in second chances.
Others don't.
I understand and are patience with people.
But people aren't with me.
I wish people could just treat me like I treat them.
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