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10.6k · May 2015
Blue eyed girl
One day I'm gonna be more than
Just a blue eyed small town girl
Living in a broken down town
Longing for more
They all think I won't go places
Little do they know I'm well on my way
Of leaving this place
I don't know where I'm going
Or how long it will take me
All I know is I'm going
6.4k · May 2015
The girl
You look into her pretty blue eyes
And you lose yourself
You get caught up in her weird personality
And she forgets that she is supposed to be the shy girl
Because around you she is out of control in the best way
Your like her drug
A happy pill so to say
You make her feel alive
5.9k · Apr 2015
I could say that I wrote this poem
But that would be a lie
The truth is it wrote it's self
With its lines
Of words that rhyme
To good to be mine
They flow and flow
One right after another
Do they rhyme?
5.3k · May 2015
I wish I could write a book
It would be about me and you
It wouldn't be perfect no book is
It will have fights
And arguments
Love scene that will make your heart sing

I wish we were a song
The lyrics would be cheesy
Because the way I feel
About you is so cheesy

I wish we could last forever
Our pages and lyrics grow and grow
If we were a book
We would have a happy ending
If we were a song
We would be that cheesy happy love song

But we aren't a book or a song
So its unwritten
I don't know where it will go
Or how it will end
Im just going to let our story write its self
And hope you feel the same
3.5k · Jul 2015
Just because im leaving
Just because I'm leaving
Doesn't mean I wont miss you
Just because I'm leaving
Doesn't mean Im not crying
Just because Im leaving
Doesn't mean my hearts not breaking
Just because I'm leaving
Doesn't mean I care about you any less
Just because I'm leaving
Doesn't mean I don't think of you everyday
Just because I'm leaving
Doesn't mean I don't want you to stay
Just because I'm leaving
Doesn't mean I want to go
I'm leaving because
I can't live in a world where I never know
We fight and you leave and it breaks my heart every time
Were only happy for 2 weeks at a time
That's why I'm leaving
My feelings for you hasn't changed  
I just hate feeling like my life is out of control
3.0k · Jun 2016
Feeling of love
I no longer think that ill always love you
But I will always remember what it felt like
And there is no one to blame but yourself
I didn't want to fall out of love with you
Im not heart broken anymore
Im just over it
My heart no longer beats faster when I hear your voice
I don't panic when I feel like Ive lost you
Im tired of loving you
You took a heart and made it ice cold
Took a innocent girl and showed her darkness
3.0k · May 2015
Doesn't know how good she is
She's the girl that doesn't know how good she really is
She thinks her freckles are to much
You think they're cute
She thinks her hair is to messy
You think it's ****
She thinks her **** is to big
You think it's perfect
She thinks your biggest mistake was falling for her
You think the best thing you ever could have done was to fall for a girl like her
She doesn't believe it when you tell her she is amazing
She doesn't see it
All she sees is the improvements she could make to improve herself
She doesn't see the girl you do
She sees a blue eyed freckled faced awkward kid
She doesn't know how good she really is
2.2k · Jul 2018
Just because I'm a girl
Just because I'm pretty
Doesn't mean I deserve it
Just because im drunk
Doesn't mean I asked for it
Just because your attracted
Doesn't mean you can have
Just because The clothes I wear show my body
Doesn't mean you have access
Just because I'm a girl
Doesn't mean I'm less than
I'm not a toy
I'm not a object
I'm someone's daughter
Someone's sister
Someone's friend
I'm a person
With feelings
I'm someone
2.1k · Apr 2016
Gypsy soul
He's a gypsy soul
Known for leaving
If anyone ever made him want to stay it was her
But his gypsy soul wouldn't let him go
So he let her go instead
1.9k · Jun 2015
When you feel like dying keep living
But why for what just to get hurt again
Just to break more
Just to die a little bit inside
What's the point
Ill be ok and be ok
Until what until I'm not
Why even feel it if it is just gonna go away
Why even breathe to be just ok
We live and live
Give and give and give
And were ok were always oh ******* k
Catch my tears with your heart
Hold my hand and tell me I'm worth it
Glue my broken pieces back together
Hold me tight and don't let go
Look into my sad blue eyes
Like you adore them
And never let me go
1.7k · Apr 2015
Love you, Hate you?
I love you. I Hate you.
It's a fight everyday.
Go away. Go away.
I don't wanna be you.
Love you. Hate you.
Never wanted to be you.
I am me and I hate me.
I am me and I love me.
Over think. Over think.
All I do is over think.
My mind won't stop it goes a million miles.
This this that.
Going on in my head.
1.4k · Apr 2015
My scars isn't just scars
They're map lines to the trails of hurt
They're Places I've been and places
I'm going
Some would say its dark
Some would say it's twisted
Some will say they don't understand it
But it's there you can't ignore it
1.4k · May 2015
We might be sister's
But I don't have to be like her
Just because were sisters
Doesn't mean I understand her
Just because were sisters
Doesn't mean you can use me
Just because were sisters
Doesn't mean I know her
Just because were sister's
Doesn't mean Im disposable at the chance to have her
Just because were sister's
Doesn't mean Im the second best to her
Just because were sister's
Doesn't mean you can ***** me and then her
Just because were sister's
Doesn't mean a thing
Just because were sister's
Means she'll choose me over you any day
Just because were sister's
I love her
1.4k · Apr 2015
She gets in another guys car
She talks a lot
She knows he isn't listening
All he sees when he looks at her
Is a lay
Some would say how sad
She says lay down and let me on top
You'll try to hold her hand
While she goes down
She'll move your hand to her ***
She doesn't want the fake hand holding crap
Why do something that's not real
Just to make her feel you care
She used to be a fool
And believed every guy
When they promised they wouldn't leave her
Promises are easily broken she knows that now
Sometimes they might come back for seconds
Her heart used to sing when she'd hear the ding
He'd send "You wanna do it again?"
She thought that meant he liked her for more
She waited for the text
It didn't come so she sends "Wanna do it again? :)"
No reply
She learned quick that they never come back for thirds  
And then she got used to it
She's forgotten she wants someone that cares
1.2k · Sep 2015
In silence
Its not hard for me to push my emotions away
Because it's so hard for me to show them
They're already so deep inside
That it doesn't take much
They are easily hidden
I suffer in silence
I don't want anyone to worry about me
Im fine Im ok
I don't do it anymore
Its over I'm fine
All lies
But its easier for you to hear
To think everything is fine
1.1k · Jun 2016
Your love is like rain
Your love is like rain
When it pours it could be a storm
Or it could be beautiful
Sometimes there is thunder and lighting
Sometimes it rains while the sunshines
Sometimes the rain makes the flowers grow
And sometimes it beats them down
Your love is like rain
Sometimes its good
Sometimes its bad
Your love is like rain
The earth needs rain as much as I need you
Your love is like rain
1.1k · Nov 2015
They said
They said she was sad
And maybe a little broken
Anxiety filled and socially awkward
Said her thinking was twisted
That she was a little bit of a *****
That she was insecure and weird
That her scars were self inflicted
And maybe she agrees
1.0k · Apr 2015
Anxiety ridden life
This is how it starts
Palms sweating
Stomach tightens
Face gets hot
Cheeks turn red
Heart beating fast
Mind racing
Can barely breathe
Embarrassed by the fact it was all caused
By a natural human interaction
Anxiety controls my life
It smothers me
It takes my mind
Obsessing over all the words
Trying to escape my thoughts
Don't talk to me
Don't look at me
I'm not rude
I'm just a shell of an anxiety ridden person
1.0k · Mar 2016
My days
I spend my days
Drinking you away
Tears running down my face
Smoke escaping my lips
Thoughts of you drowning my mind
Time passing me by
1.0k · May 2015
I want to leave it unfinished because then no one will get hurt
1.0k · Apr 2015
I sit by the window
Watching for your lights
When I see them I'm nervous
Butterflies in my stomach
The first words you say when I open the door
Is You smell nice
As we go down the road
You turn on the lights
And take a good long look
I say eyes on the road fool
You say sorry I can't help but look
And I laughed
A few minutes past
I catch you looking again
What are you looking at
My face or my ****
You say honestly a little bit of both
Later that night
You lean in to kiss me
I turn my head your lips touch my cheek
You get this sad look on your face
I say You took it the wrong way
You say I know I'm sorry
I'm sorry I kissed you when you clearly didn't want me too
I wanted you too
It wasn't that
I didn't tell you it was the fact that
Someone else lips has never been on mine
We sat there in front of your house
Talking and talking
You said I would invite you in
But my moms home
I say its okay try to kiss me again
You look a little funny
You hesitate
So I lean in and kiss you
It was just as bad as I predicted
But your lips on mine felt nice
Even if mine didn't know what they were doing
983 · Jul 2015
Other than me
She's a beautiful disaster
Pale skin blue eyes
Dark messy hair
She wants to be someone else
You can see it in her sad eyes
The way her smile curves a little at the edges
The way she talks
Not what she says
But the tone she uses
She wants to be someone else
Someone prettier
Someone calmer
Someone someone other than me
                                ­      t
            ­                           T
There's a girl with sad eyes
And a cigarette between her lips
She's thinking about old memories
Finding there's more pain than happiness within
So she sits there smoking her cigarette
With sad eyes and a broken heart
925 · Jun 2015
Broken soul
Call me bitter call me broken
Call me whatever you like
Im just a girl trying to survive
Trying to keep her pieces together
Trying not to fall apart and lose myself
Just a girl trying to protect her soul
Not bitter
Broken maybe just a little
Im just trying not to completely fall apart
So call me bitter call me broken
Call me whatever you like
Im just a girl living her life
Not bitter
Broken maybe just a little
924 · Jun 2015
Take it
Pieces everywhere
Take what you want
Take her smile and her laugh
Take her happiness
Hell take her sadness
Take it she is practically giving it away
So why not take it
Pieces and pieces
He has a piece
And he has a piece
So why not you take a piece
Take her kisses her hugs and her love
Her shyness her innocents
Take it piece by miserable piece
Why not take it?
She is giving it right?
918 · Aug 2018
If I were a little white pill
You'd search for me
If I were something you could snort
You'd pay attention to me
If I were a drug dealer
You'd never leave me alone
If my lips were a crack pipe
Your lips would always crave me
But I'm not any of those things
I'm just a girl that loved you
And that wasn't enough for you
895 · Oct 2015
Sad girl
Im not that sad lost girl anymore
Ive put her away
But she still talks to me
She tells me her fears her worries
She reminds me of her past
Some nights I hold her while she cries
Im there for her when she needs me
I need someone there for me when she comes to visit
When she's here I forget how far I've came
When she visits I become her again
I relive my pain from the past
I can't turn her away because she is me and she needs me
She doesn't want me to forget her to let her go
893 · May 2016
I loved you
I loved you even with your mistakes
I loved you through your addiction
I loved your soul
I loved your body
I loved your messy hair
I loved your heart
I loved you when you weren't lovable
I loved you when you didn't love me
I loved you when you chose something over me
I loved you when drugs were your best friend
I loved you when you didn't love yourself
I loved you when you were being hardheaded
I loved you when love wasn't enough
I loved you with a broken heart
I loved you when you were the one that broke my heart
I loved you when you let me down
I loved you because I loved you
I loved you because I saw the man you could be
I loved you because you made me feel alive
I loved you because you're you
The point is I loved you
881 · Jun 2016
Who Im meant to be
I want to believe
Im who I want to be
But what if who I want to be
Isn't who I'm meant to be
Im meant to be who I am
Im gonna be who Im meant to be
856 · Oct 2015
You say
You say you love me you say you care
But when it comes to the nitty gritty you aren't there
Even if it doesn't seem important you
I need you
Even if it seems childish or stupid
Even if it doesn't make sense to you
I need you
Where are you
Because you aren't here
852 · Nov 2015
Forever mine
Forever mine
Forever yours
With every heart beat
With every flaw
Every minute everyday
Every thought every dream
My heart beats your name
Forever mine Forever yours
Forever intertwined
834 · Nov 2015
break you
I wanted to break you
And then put you back together
I wanted you to need me
You to tell me I was your world
That you couldn't breathe without me
I craved to be the one you loved
The one you called yours
I wanted you to love me like I love you
The day I heard your voice
It broke my heart all over again
It brought me back to that night
When you broke my heart
I was reminded of the tears
The pain of losing you
It also took me back to old times
When all it took was your voice to make me smile
Late nights talking in your room
You making up silly games to past the time
It took me back to when you used to be mine
And I was yours
811 · Jul 2015
Slowing Going
I can never tell when you're staying or leaving
Slowing or going
You got my mind going crazy
Heart not knowing where you're going
Just knowing one thing
What my heart wants
Staying going never leaving
Green light red light with my emotions
Never know where to go
But I know how I feel
But where do I go with it all
Go fast Slow down
I never know
800 · Jun 2015
We all think if we were the pretty girl with the pretty face
We would be more
Having long shiny perfect hair
The perfect shaped eyes
Perfect cheek bones
Perfect skin with no freckles  
Nice body
Perfect perky *****
Nice shaped *** not to big or to small
Im not that girl
Im the girl with untamable curly frizzy hair
With eyes that are set to far in her face
Cheeks that turn red when I'm nervous
The girl with freckles all over
With a flawed body
The girl with tiny *****
With a big ***
784 · Dec 2015
Wish you had me back
Is there ever gonna be a time where you wish you have me back
When you're laying in bed or dreaming about me
Someone says something that reminds you of me
Will you ever miss me
Ever know what you truly lost
Crave my touch my voice
Will you ever truly know what you had  
What you let slip through you finger tips
781 · Jun 2015
Happy poem?
You asked me why all my poems are sad
Why they can never be happy
And I looked at you and said I don't know
But you know what the day you left
You were getting your happy poem
I was in the middle of it
So to answer your question
Happy doesn't last long enough to get a poem
I get glimpses of happiness
But never enough to form words
You see a poem takes time
It has to brew inside of you for a long time
Now the happy poem is just
Broken pieces of something that could be
Now its words drips with sadness
Drip Drip Drip
Like the blood down my wrist
752 · Oct 2015
Ill aways love you
Our love is like a bubble bath
I needed you to wash me clean
But now our love is going down the drain
I watch as it swirls around and around until its gone
Wrapped in a towel
I watch whats left of us seep away
With tears in my eyes
I try to save us
To save anything left over
748 · Mar 2016
Alone and it feels so good
Im all alone in this world
No one to share my tears
My love My pain
I have all these secrets
Parts no one will know again
I shared them before
Ive learned thats a mistake
They will leave
He will take his hammer and shatter your heart
Your secrets spilling out where everyone can see
747 · Oct 2016
I see my reflection in the mirror
Sad eyes that doesn't look like mine
Tear stained cheeks
Pain seeping through my skin
A fake smile on my face
The girl looking back at me
Isn't who I used to be
You can almost see her heart breaking
If you look closely you can see her soul shaking
You can almost hear her screaming inside
735 · Dec 2016
Your life before me
I don't know where you've been
And I can only imagine
Your soul is lost
Heart as cold as ice
When was the moment
You turned into such a tortured soul
What made you so cold
When did your heart break
Who let you down
So bad you broke
Where was I
When you had no one
Why didn't I know you then
733 · Apr 2015
Store bought heart
It was new
It was shiny
They said put it in a case
Don't let it break
You didn't realize he was breaking it
Chipping at it with every word
Every kiss
Every touch
Had nothing but hurt behind it
It isn't a sickness
So there's not a new one
You have to fix it
Mend it
Mourn it
Learn to live with it broken
The ache will always be there
It'll fade with time
But it's there
You'll miss the way he kissed your forehead
And how he used to wipe away your tears
The long talks till midnight
The firsts you shared with him
He was your first kiss your first everything
He took it all
Silly girl didn't know she could fall
I watched you drive away
With tears in my eyes
I missed you the moment you left
I wanted to tell you to come back
To take back the fight
To right what was wrong
But now after many tears
And sleepless nights
I know that the moment you left
Was the moment everything fell apart
Even though you aren't truly gone
I know that you will never be mine again
729 · Nov 2016
You were dead when I met you
The person I met was just a ghost
What you turned to,to take away your pain
Took your soul
Your living as a empty shell
I kissed the lips of a corpse that night
I can't help but think
If I would of met you before the drugs did
That I could of saved you
You died the first time snorting it
The pain of it running down
Was your soul dying
When you felt yourself slipping away
From your problems
You never came back
682 · May 2016
The day you left
My world felt different
Empty and cold
I can still feel you
Like you never left
I see your face everywhere I go
I can still see your body
Just laying there tired and lifeless
I wanted to scream and cry
I wanted you to wake up and open your eyes
Broken was how you met me
And broken is how you left me
When you should of mended me
You could of been my knight in shining armor
Instead you turned into my enemy trying to **** me
675 · Mar 2016
Under this siren's spell my heart buckles
I want you forever
But time has taking us apart
There's still shadows of you in my heart
I cry out for you in my tears
As a plea for help
But you ignore my pleas
668 · Jun 2016
Loved and loved
We loved
Fought  broke
I loved and loved
Until there was no more love to give
And it still wasn't enough for you
You left when I begged you to stay
Handed my heart back
Didn't look back
You seen it in my eyes
The hurt it was written on my face
654 · Mar 2016
All I have left are
Dead dreams and broken promises
They are lost at sea
No one can find them but me
I tried to draw you a map
To my heart
But you threw it away
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