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Britney Lyn Jan 8
So hear my words and take them in,
I promise you'll see me soon.
On one cold nigh I'll come to you,
My skin reflecting the moon.
Britney Lyn Dec 2018
I’m so tired of begging for romance in things that are less than romantic by nature. I refuse to get on my knees and plead to the tune of your hypocrisy. Affection and appreciation in the slightest would subdue this mind that consumes my worth, but second thoughts plague this waking body and fuel your comfort upon thy throne. Disappointment comes easily to a girl who simply picks flowers for their beauty when that is truly all they have to offer. Petals falling with her patience and wilt with her happiness. Good riddance to the man who took for granted a warrior in flesh and basked in the tears that filled his cup. Good riddance to prideful acts that pedestal his motives in the shame of any female who dare fall victim to his cause. Righteous is he who puts himself above others, a victorious smile smitten in vicious tendencies.
Britney Lyn Dec 2018
I love you so much. And I wish more than anything I could put into words just how much, but words just are never enough. I think of writing about your eyes, the shifting colors of a deep sea with drowning stars that twinkle when your looking at me. I think to put into words the way your laugh plays my favorite songs, how I wake up every morning longing to see that smile, the one you made special for me. I think to write about the sandy landscape of your waves that fall perfectly around that face I so much adore. I think to write about the edges and hollows of your body and the way I love to trace my fingers along it, in fear I'll one day forget it's perfection. The way I feel when you touch me, when I no longer have a care about the outside world but rather the world we have created inside our small apartment, together. You are more a poem than anyone could ever write. Please stay forever by my side so I can love you every day of this life.
To my dear William
Britney Lyn Nov 2018
So you've left all ties to this life behind.
I'll search, I'll search for your eyes.
But staring at something that shines so bright,
Will surely make you blind.
For those who soar too close to the sun,
Must feel it’s burning lies.
The biggest star in all my sky,
I’ll fly, I swear I’ll try.
Oh beauty in this flame of mine.
Burning light, sun kissed sight,
Eternal fire, a bid goodnight.
The moon; a better friend.
A broken heart I’ll never mend,
A life without you, I’ll try again.
In the morrow I’ll repair these wings,
To fly the sky that starlight brings.
No fire to scorch thy pride,
Only moonlight shall be my guide.
A day away, from blistering fate,
The star that could never be mine.
Britney Lyn Oct 2018
Inhale, exhale.
The smoke I blow from my lungs through my lips, drifting out in a cloud of you.
Lingering in the air, the taste of you on my lips.
A scheduled meeting with my addiction everyday at noon, 3, 5 , 6 and 9.
Filling a void inside of me, you consume all of me.
Relieving the stress of the world as I get high on your chemicals.
A simple yet intoxicating reaction you bring forth within me,
But no sooner you disappear from the air around me, leaving me empty.
I want to take all of you in, yet savor this moment, where I kiss you to my lips like before.
Adhering to your demands to just take more, take more.
A prisoner to the schedule you have etched into my brain, a liar to my family that I’ve quit you.
But the truth is my dear Nick, I never will, because you won’t let me forget you.
Britney Lyn Oct 2018
It’s been obvious for awhile now that we’ve gone our separate ways.
But I can’t help but bring you to the front of my mind every day I wake.
The urge to check up on you, make sure you’re okay, is unbearable to say the least.
To know if you look the same way you did nearly a year ago, or did you change?
To hear that laugh that used to make me sing.
To feel your touch graze my arm, caress my cheek.
All that keeps me going is the saying that everything happens for a reason.
Maybe fate will bring us together once again, even just as friends.
I look up at the sky and smile knowing you’re seeing the same as I.
The perspective might be different but you see the same moon, see the same clouds, feel the same wind.
Even if we have no future, we are all connected, whether we want to be or not.
And maybe that’s enough for me.
Britney Lyn Oct 2018
I was born for extraordinary love,
A prisoner to a heartbeat,
Seductive, captivating, mine.
Never flatlining in the outline of us,
A hidden agenda filled with time stamps of you.
Two stars never falling away from each other.
Powerful, guiding, free.
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