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belle 3d
I just want to scream
I just want to yell
What can I do to get you to understand the words I say
Or make you lose all the doubt you have In my feelings for you
If I was tired of you I wouldn’t agree to hang out
If I didn’t like you I wouldn’t pretend like I did
If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t be with you
But no matter what I say and no matter what I do you’ll always have a seed of doubt in you
Continuing to grow and not stopping
And all I can do is try to prevent it from growing because the roots are too big into the ground
There’s no pulling it up and taking it away
And apparently instead of trying to **** it I’m watering it
Feeding into your doubt with actions I didn’t even realize
belle Jul 3
Do not for one ******* second say you’re bland.
You’re the least bland person I know
I know I’m awful at complementing you enough and I truly am sorry but I really didn’t want you thinking I just liked you for your looks because two of my close friends stated before that your charming looks were the only thing drawing me to you and I really didn’t want you to think that because it’s not true at all
I also had the fear of you thinking I’m too clingy, and that it’d annoy you and you’d leave me
And that’s the last thing I ever want to happen
So please let me tell you what I’ve been thinking this entire time
And don’t think for a second I’m doing all this because “I feel like I have to” because I know I don’t, you even asked me not to change anything but you’re too ******* perfect not to.
Let me start off by saying you truly are a handsome boy, you have a perfect ****** structure and body to gift you with the most classic elegant beauty
And there’s no one else on this earth that I am more attracted to than you
And I will never waste my breath comparing you to a celebrity that I find can’t even compare to your sheer perfection
Now can I tell you that you are the most talented person I’ve ever met in my life.
You have a natural skill when it comes to music and I envy it so much
I could listen to you play for hours on end and never get bored of your little tune
And I could sit and ponder the meaning behind your beautifully written lyrics for days
A little secret of mine is that your my biggest role model for writting, I think you’re a hell of a writer and reading your poetry brings a whole different feel to life itself
Something I’ve come to notice is that your talent doesn’t just stop there
You’re talented with people
You can have this way of talking to people and making them feel wanted and important and the world needs more people like you
You can meet someone new and you charm your way into their hearts making them instantly fall in love with your sweet, pure, hard working character.
You’re the type of person people want to be around it’s always a breeze with you and a fun time with your endless jokes and fantastic humor
There’s no way in hell I’d ever call you bland
There’s is never a minute I’m ashamed of you and I’ll be proud to call you my boyfriend any day because I know I already have the most attractive, kind, talented, funny boyfriend on earth and there is no changing my mind.
I love you.
belle Jul 2
You’re all I think of day and night and I can’t help it
I fear you grow sick of me day by day so I try not to let it show as much
When I heard the tone in your voice it crushed me inside making me feel as if i did something terrible
I hung the phone up to fix my own mistakes
So you wouldn’t be upset with me
So you wouldn’t start to miss me less.
I did it to try to fix things but I only made them worse, my heart was in the right place I promise
belle Jul 1
Its been 3 1/2 years since the time I went home and told my mom I made a friend who is the funniest person alive
Its been 2 1/2 years since I’ve possessed an overwhelming joy inside of me every time I saw you
Its been 2 years since we sat in a Taco Bell and I looked at your big brown eyes and thought to myself that you were my best friend
Its been a year and a 1/2  since we stopped talking as much and grew apart
Its been a little over 1 year since I went home and cried about how I thought you truly didn’t care about me anymore
Its been 11 months since you reached out to me in hopes of fixing things and made me so happy I cried
Its been 8 months since I finally felt like we were okay again
It’s been 6 months since I started to look at you with a certain light in my eyes and gained a new found nervousness when I spoke with you
Its been 5 months from the day I thought I could never have you in a way I dreamt of
Its been 4 1/2 months since I realized there was no way in hell I couldn’t be with you
Its been almost 4 months from the day we stopped ‘playin’
Its been 3 months since you shed you perfect light on my dark grieving self and made me feel like everything was going to be okay
Its been 2 1/2 months from the day I realized I was falling in love with you and the risky phrase flew from my mouth that you never heard
Its been almost 2 months since the time you showed me the drum roll isn’t always better and you laid the best kiss of my entire life on my lips
Its been 1 month since you swept me off my feet and told me that you loved me and to this day I still can’t think of a better moment
Its been all this time and I still get butterflies in my tummy as I text you late at night about how much I miss you
You’ll never know the full extent of how in love with you I am
belle Jul 1
I’m starting to see you every time I pick up my phone
It doesn’t matter what app I go to youre there
And you’d think it make me content, happy just to see you
But really it’s only making me miss you more
belle Jun 29
******* for thinking I’m only worried about myself
All I’m asking is for you to trust me for once in your life and let me handle my own ******* family issues
You’ll help us both by staying out of it even though it doesn’t feel like it
belle Jun 28
Light shined through the thin paper shades illuminating the room with a soft glow
As I rest on my fitted bed not being able to fall asleep I hear the echo of voices from up the stairs gossiping
instead of straining to hear what they speak of I lay tense and upset
I long to be around him and it’s making me angry because I feel like I miss the boy too much
It also upsets me that even though I know I’m wrong I feel like he doesn’t miss me in the same way
So I continue to lie in my bed wishing for this half hour to be up
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