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Brian Persson Mar 11
They say true Beauty has no definition
No wonder I can’t find words to describe you
Brian Persson Feb 27
the words that failed to reach a relationship with the abstract
the eyes that were blind to the inner workings of the soul
the mouth that was mute to the only ones who would listen
the human condition, forever cursed to obscure its own truth
Brian Persson Feb 16
The human is a desirous being;
There is always a mountain to scale
sprawling lands to be blazed
powerful wilds to be tamed
The **** for discovery does not fail

Yet what the human seeks is never found
The adrenaline does not last, and takes more each time to return

because what human seeks is purpose
Brian Persson Feb 11
The ***** souls, when paired with one another, there is
a flight of the cold
a transfer of the warmth
and the creation of the healed

The unbroken minor chord
that rings into eternity
We are one, we are forever and ever one
Brian Persson Feb 10
Our Mother is crying a soft, violent storm
Tears are falling with her cold mountains of white
as they collapse into her deep blue
Her fruits are falling off their life-vines

Her children don't take notice
After we tell each other:
"turn your head, she is fine",
we take from and poison her,
for our greed knows no limit

In Mother's pain she weeps for us as well
When the waters crash, when the flames consume,
we are the executioners who plead for mercy
All she does is ask for our love in return
I couldn't breathe.
Like the walls
Were closing in around me.
The air thick with panic.

Then I looked up
And you were there.
I could feel your presence
Wrap around me like a blanket.

And the walls stopped moving.
And the air wasn't so thick.
For the first time
In months
I could finally breathe.
In almost a gallop
he moves across earthly tones
The saturation of wild scents draws him
He stops, he traces, he hunts—
curiosity takes him by the leash

The pads of his feet, worn and calloused from longer treks,
kiss the soft grass;
they follow his eyes
In him his spirit never ages,
for when his bones grow weak and cannot carry him,
his mind races like the flow of a mighty river

This creature obeys the call of his Mother
He fills his experience with her forms:
a constant attempt to know her entirely
He stops, he traces, he hunts—
curiosity takes him by the leash
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