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  Oct 25 Brianna Joiner
"I'm happy for you."
A compliment hiding my pain.

"I'm happy for you."
I said to you,
as tears run down my face
hearing myself said,

"I'm happy for you."
  Oct 25 Brianna Joiner
What am i supposed to do?
Tell you i’m in love with you,
while you’re telling me you love another.
She's beautiful,
And it shows,
But her beauty I love most,
Not in her petals,
But where the roots grow
I fell in love for the first time
and out of the love
it was not returned
yet I still wanted him for myself
So many years of knowing him
I fell in love with the bad things
and empty words of feeling wanted


I had to let him go
because I deserved to be loved in return
and not taken advantage of
yet me loving me was always my last choice

When it comes to loving him now
I no longer want to do that
I will no longer be last in my own life
Finally letting go of someone I knew couldn't be trusted to love me
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