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brianna lopez Nov 2013
17 of November 2013, 5:32 PM:

I’ve figured it out.
I don’t really hate people.
Actually I love them
I love them very much
They're interesting
And full of complexity
But once people know
You love them
Your value goes down
And you become less and less
Important to them
They know you’ll always love them
So they know
They can do what they want
And you’ll always be
Right there
So it’s just easier to say
You “hate people”
That way you can’t possibly
Get hurt
I hate people is a means of
A way of protecting yourself
From the people you love

enjoy my little thoughts, thanks for reading my mess
brianna lopez Nov 2013
I Remember
The classic rock music playing
As we drove to no place in particular
wandering this dead town
enjoying the other’s company
I Remember
feeling your fingers
Trace the outline of my lips
As we lay in your bed
With hushed voices
I Remember
These feelings of love
Loving and being loved
I Remember
Thinking it was different this time

You sure showed me.

I'm feeling pretty ******, okay?
brianna lopez Nov 2013
It’s hard to be forgotten
Especially when you can’t forget
the person who has forgotten you
(And so easily too)
You think of them
every second
of every day
Wondering how they’re doing
if they’re okay
You don’t cross their mind
(Not anymore at least)

You do all you can

And still
You’re nothing
but forgotten

I don't write poems (as you can tell), but I guess you could say I was inspired. Hope it isn't too terrible.

— The End —