the boy sneaking out of his
class at Mystery School;
metaphysics a bore; talking
in circles about spheres;
the young girl crept out
of rehearsal for the Mystery
Cult's pageant; dancing;
leaping on toes & stretching
up up up...she met the boy
behind the acropolis & they
kissed; she put her hand
beneath his toga & his fingers
slipped between her thighs;
there was no longer any
mystery as she openly sat
crosswise on his rigid donkey;
small children learning from
this the School & the Cult
taught the very same lessons
Brendan 1d
A plane
Drifting through the wind, the rain
In its own dimension, it’s own plain
The sky of the Caribbean
Lust and meaning-
Scattered throughout its passages
Yet it carries itself
Sure in its own capacity
Divinity and celestial depth
Self sustained
Capable, gliding
Without real definite meaning.
Lights go down
Thunder strikes all around-
Wings fly, in spite,
Trajectory shaking its hefty massed might
And in the moment, the path it glides and follows
Sure in its travels-
Shakes and quivers
Stutters a bit
And is lost amongst all other possibilities.
Tonight is a weird night
Will it make its flight?
-These wings fly and glide onward
The stars will guide tonight
And let the plane fall back in place
In the Caribbean
Where it may have lost its pace
Yet, nay
It will make its own mark
In its own distance
Amongst the sparks
And constant side shots
Reliance, it remarks-
On its own
Donning inspiration
To the wind
And fellow offspring-
Brendan 4d
Paranoid Daisy
Had her eyes turned pitch-blue
Under the waves of the ocean-
The salt, the commotion-
Found their way under her breasts
Her locks of hair got tangled
And bent and curled in distress,
Fumbling with her feet
Until she had nowhere else to lay,
Yet within the sea
Two hands there, in front of her
And her two eyes bending,
Light need not enter the salty ocean
Fish need not lead her astray-
For her eyes had what it took
They could take her away.
Across the maiden Nausica
Through a greener aqua,
She’d grow fins if she could
But, alone there, in the sea
She cried out, to nothing
Sank a slow sinking-
Like a paper through the wind
- But the sea,
Had its way with Daisy
And gave her so much-
A greater grace
Then they ever may have seen.
Her grave was the deep dark abyss,
Of a blue unseen,
Of nothingness
Endless, her pale visage contrasted the beauty around,
The sharks, the creatures came
But Daisy was left as untouched as she came to be
Soundless as a wife to her husband-
Yes, her skeleton rode her- weighed her down for her
And by the time she sat at the bottom
Her beauty had gone
Her eyes shut close
And her paranoia, once airy, once fond to her
Swam away with her sorrows
And touched lives
In the darkness
Bounty-less, she was dead weight
All light had escaped
And blue turned black
Her beauty flooded
Now nothing but a sack
  4d Brendan
The string of you was wrapped around me so tight that I was no longer able to

feel the skin underneath it

Every time the string would come loose I would reach out and pull it closer

closer and closer and closer until my body turned purple

And when the string started to snap I found some yarn

I found some time in the silence and I spent it on one single thing; a plan

Ways to keep the string pressed against my skin and around my wrist

Yarn, tape, glue, double knots, braided string

Anything to keep you tangled around me

And when the string began wrapping around my mouth silencing me I nodded


When the string found its way towards my neck I breathed through you

instead of through me

Still I watched the string come undone one thread, one laugh, one memory,

one tear at a time

I reached for you as you floated away

I stood on my toes, I found a ladder

But like a balloon carried by the wind, you became smaller and smaller

And though I could still see you floating, I saw you as a

speck, one hint of yellow in the sea of blue within the clouds

And I realized as you became smaller that I had been mistaken

I held the string in my hands

And I realized your strings had never touched me, I wound them around myself

By the time I looked up at the sky again

you had already disappeared
For her. Please find me in the clouds.
  Feb 27 Brendan
time is passing but you can't prove that
grass ripens and it's not my fault
this world is a moody albatross

maybe you can sleep on a wing
borrow a bit of faith

tonight is all i have, & I intend
to wield it as a sharp idea
because it is just like this

savages in love we might be

savages in love, we tear our teeth into
why should we wait to grow older?
don't we know now to choose perfectly

flesh in mind and then prey
becomes a thought after woe is gone

there is no regret
in us, on us, not ever
all in my mind, and another's

ours for the taking
past already washed clean now
but there are more dawns a-breaking

so many songs yet to rise
to our brow, yet tell you of

time is passing but you can't prove this
flowers bloom all around me
every nightfall refracts

a world where beauty
loves to share itself, an
illuminated shadow
falling down in shades
quicksilver & neon
and so

I rewrote this, it was quite unclear about the optimism.
Brendan Feb 26
Quick, blockbuster ride,
Drive in food and fries
A café coffee with whipped, white lines
Around around we go now,
Riding a caffeine’s high-strung periphery
Sight and a strong sensory flight,
Going where the wind goes: free kites
Open window, downstream upstream shifts
And we’re riding next to other highway street shining glyphs.
A call is never enough to stop our rides
A high so high we see no downs
Here on our feet riding on tops of cars
With our hair wild, topping our heads like windy crowns  
We know our bass booms and sounds rounds
But you may not hear it long
For this freeway has endless bounds
Where we play these booming sounds
With no end in sight
On an endless night-
Boundless air flight
  Feb 17 Brendan
grumpy thumb
Raindrops fleck neon's flash
Friday night's here at last.
Used to mean freedom to me
cash in my wallet, friends to see.
I'm older and don't dig the city no more.
Got mouths to feed
I'm just above being poor, but
the streaks of rain
cause memories to soar
fresh aftershave city to explore,
though I wouldn't think twice
of hitting the clubs again,
I remember feeling free
when I was younger back then.
And I remember feeling lonely
too often,
sometimes my only friends
were at a bottles bottom.
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