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28.6k · Sep 2014
Brendan Barber Sep 2014
Smoke some ****
It grows like a plant
The life that I feed
Inhale too much smoke now i can't.....

I cant Feel my body
7.6k · Feb 2015
Brendan Barber Feb 2015
Many of us wanna be trippy,
Sliding through life,
It is very slippery,
Cutting acid with a knife,
Popping shrooms like a hippy,

This causes us to get high,
Leave the real world and say goodbye,
Saying **** our lives,
Like everything was a lie,

This is whats really trippy,
"When you are trying to get something out of water there are ripples that appear,
Never knowing if the ripples will cause it to come into reach or flout farther away."(my own quote btw)
Think about that the next time you wanna say bye,
Because you will miss your chance to survive!
6.7k · Aug 2014
Ugly girl(THOTS)
Brendan Barber Aug 2014
When I wake up I can see,
I pass your ugly ***,
Shes a thot and looks like a he,
So many disease ****** dusty like snow,
Ugly *** ***** that looks like nanny mc fee,
I look you in the face and dont even know,
These eyes ******* burn like hell
I look at you and wanna cry,
You were a mistake we can all tell,
I just wanna ******* punch you oh my......
Its time for you to back to hell,
When you die that will be my high, im going to hit you with holy water you will burn I can tell,
**** this ugly ***** your going to die,
Knocked you out and you fell,
Smash your face and ring it like a bell,
Never will you catch me say,
To the street your going to sell,
Gone forever never hear a hey
6.3k · Sep 2014
Brendan Barber Sep 2014
Its the perfect kind of meditation,
smokin on that ****,
eased my mind now im spacin,
sprouted a new life like a seed,
Getting to success minds pacin.

its the perfect kind of medication!
1.6k · Aug 2014
Brendan Barber Aug 2014
Feeling really dull,
Can't cut through it like a butter knife,
Every second I sink into this hole,
See all people but Im a low life,
Pain to strong as it takes a tole,
Cut so deep,
Can't get away from this pull,
To scared to get up and take a leap......

Falling into sorrow,
Might call it quits tomorrow,
there is a light that I follow,
insomnia like an owl,
**** up the pain like a towel,
Every turn in life is like a foul.....
Time to face facts,
Like a video game I need hacks,
Got all my boys backs,
But they all seem to slack,
Weight heavy like Shaq,
Seeing the upside,
Anger so tame,
No reason to hide,
Everyone in such shame,
Wishing they were on my side,
Sitting with all the fame,
At the top now and never really tried,
Wish you all could have came,
But all of you lied,
Now I know it was all a game.

989 · Aug 2014
Brendan Barber Aug 2014
Oh how bad my hand is in pain.
I wonder if he asked the lord to go in vain,
All this pain is really the same,
But all these people put me too blame,  
The pain is mental and physical,
My mental well being is already a stray,
Everyone hates me is that okay?
The physical pain is not real,
It honestly feels like I'm in a game,
This happiness I no longer feel,
What I feel is anger that you can't tame,
Ima leave it at this
When you love and loose your heart gets a seal,
An unbreakable seal,
Ima love this world with my life,
And kiss the world like its my wife.
But I might end this pain with a slice from a knife.
Not self harm because I'm still living my life.
Hatred love fear & sacrifice. Uhhh
818 · Aug 2014
Brendan Barber Aug 2014
Your heart fits mine like a glove,
I'm going to put you on top,
Way way above,
My love for you will never stop,
We will fly away like one dove,
I wanna fly away,
But at the same time I need to stay,
Love me forever,
Or hate me for now,
Your heart is my pleasure,
Time for us to connect when I say this vow,
My love for you is like wow.
568 · Oct 2014
Without You
Brendan Barber Oct 2014
living life free,
hating everything,
no more color black and white is all I see,
loving you is like a drug and I'm a fean,
Without You is something ill never be,
**** everybody does that make me mean?
stole my heart and now you own the key,
Ill love you forever you will be my queen,
its you and me,
our love is rare and so clean,
we flow as one like a sea,
held so strong no one is in between,
I love you so much can no one agree?

— The End —