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Breanna Smith Jul 2018
I hear my children
I listen
I care
Why won't you listen when I cry?
Why won't you listen?
Do you feel the ground moving?
Can you not hear me?
Can you not feel the vibrations?
Where are you all going to go when winter comes and the cold harsh reality of not having a dwelling settles in?

Who will you ask for help from then?
Will they listen?
Will they care?
Will they let you close
To their fire
Or will you freeze?

With no one
No one to care about what war you fought
What you have done to save them
How hard you work at home
How you suffer in silence
Because you can't fly your flag!?
If you could just be you and stand up again! Be the soldier at home
To protect those you love and care about!
Be color blind!
Be deaf to the vile words!
Watch the theft and stop it
With kindness
Before it escalates!
Know that everyone has hard choices
To make to keep their kin alive!

But because you are mean
With your harsh words
You must be fighting somewhere...right?
Are you ready to fight at home?
Let me tell you
BLACK and BLUE does not need to be anyones skin color of the day!
Those colors do not look good on
Any family membor or friend!

Vile words hurt worse
They cut a person down
They replay in our heads
Until we go crazy!
At times that we need strength
Those emotional scars never leave us...
They take up space
In our heads and
Our hearts and even in our souls
They turn us into mean people
Who hurt others
Broken people have sharp edges
Handled improperly
Leaves nothing but

Continuing to hurt each other is not the answer anyone is looking for
Maybe it used to be
We can not continue
Not anymore!
Not in 2017
Not now in 2018
Not later
We need to
Stop fighting each other

Start making our world
A great place to live in
Not just everyone out for themselves!
Our Mother Earth loves us
That is why we have the privilege
Of being alive on THIS PLANET!
Just keep that in mind next time you want to hurt someone else
The pen can be mightier then the sward but it still comes at a price
What are YOU willing to pay?
Will it be your family
Or your friends
Or how about
Your life?
Are the prices we pay too high?
So be kind!
Put yourself
In their shoes
Even if
A day!
Breanna Smith Jul 2018
My eyes are wide open
My eyes might be tear stained
They might be puffy and red
But I will no longer turn a blind eye
I will no longer let the world go blind
"An EYE FOR AN EYE makes the
Whole world blind!"
Or does anyone care anymore?
Are we all THAT self-pitying and down on our luck?
What price are we still willing to pay?
For our food, for our health, for guns, or do we trade in lives now?
It is time to
We should not have to cry everyday, we should not wait until our bodies hurt so bad that we can not take it any longer! We should be able to work in environments that encourage personal growth not just the bottom line. Why are the voices crying for help and change being silenced? Our great country was founded on good morals! I guess it is time to read the constitution again to make sure our forefathers and foremothers would not give us a swift kick in the *** today!
Breanna Smith Dec 2013
Have you heard?
A case of the foggy brain has been goin round
Even southbound.

Be mindful of the creepy fog
It will invade even the clearest of minds.
It starts in the neck and works it's way to the madulaobingota,
It seeps into the crevices of the brain
Till it's invaded the whole **** thing.

You must be pleading
"There has to be something that someone can do? Shirley a nurse, a doctor, or even a lobotomy would do!"

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
But not a single thing
But hope for a
Sunny day to clear the mind slime away.

I have it!
That is the answer my friends!
Even on the rainest of days
When the case of the foggy brain is not yet at bay,
Don't lose hope
For the sun will eventually
Come your way
lately my life is kinda put me in a fog and this has been my answer to it.
I hope everyone enjoys and maybe take something from it :)
Breanna Smith May 2013
Hey you
Have I told you yet
How I love all the little things you do?
How those hearts you send in messages
Make me smile  
Have I told you yet?
How you make me laugh
With the silly little things you do
Hey you
Have I told you yet?
How much I love you
Breanna Smith Mar 2013
You forget about her
About us
Your sisters
Are we so easily sweep under the rug?
She misses you do you know that?
"Where is big brother?"
"Where have all his things gone?"
"Is he coming back?"
Oh right
You couldn't possibly know that
You're never around

She is going to be grown up in a blink of an eye
And she will not know you because
You can't be bothered with responsibility
To busy acting entitled I guess

How can you just leave and never look back?
Oh right your living in the moment
Trying to always be "happy"
Stupidly you said you didn't want to be
Responsible for anything
Not your life
Or your choices
Or your future
Let me tell you little brother
Is not the drug you smoke
Or the bottle you drink
Or the party you
Vaguely remember

I have a question  
If not you then who?
Who will be responsible for your

Bad news for you selfish one
I have the answer and you will not like it
It will be you
That is how life works
One day karma and
All the horrible choices you made will
Come back to give you what you have coming
All these debts will have to be paid in full
Maybe not now, tomorrow, or even the day after that,
But someday

Then what will you do?
Will we remember you?
After you forgot about us
Leaving us in the dust
To pick up all the peaces
You left behind
Will we be bothered
To help you?
Breanna Smith Mar 2013
I was afraid when I knew
I was in love with you
I knew I would only give
My heart to the one who
Could break it

My love for you is as deep
And as true as the Ocean
Where we knew we felt
The same for one another

I will never forget sitting
On that washed up tree
Looking out over the sea
More nervous then
I had ever been
You had me then
As you always will

Falling in love with you
Has changed my life
As cheesy as it sounds
I'm happily yours
Breanna Smith Feb 2013
Oregon sun on my skin
The crisp breeze ruffling my hair
The air still holds the chill of winter but
Spring is just around the corner
With it brings promise of
New flowers
New life
New love
More laughs

Dedicated to Robert with Love
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