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I see your eyes, I'm looking front with a heart that aches.
I'm still and the mirror breaks
my hand on beat with my chest just on cue
counting all the rhythms composing of you
a piece of my eye slowly drips from my cheek
is this it, am I at my peak?
you built a person but you left so soon
couldn't have you stayed until noon?
I run, I run so fast chasing your trail
I pant till my breath turn pail
but I waited till the next you came
but to no avail, you did it again
and again
and again
I was hopeful when you came back from where you hid
until the last when you never again did
with the promises that you still held untrue
now I'm waiting for a day a mirror doesn't remind me of you.
This poem is as is how you see it but this one is very personal to me and i don't know if it's obvious who it's for.
The strong smell of coffee hit the breeze or the fan
Driving it to my smell, to my nose with a plan
What a blessing, what a gem
To be in a Coffee Shop at 9:30 Am

The sound of the chimes ringing, the glass doors swing in
The coffee lashing tin, the sound of the songs come so thin
How happy the sounds to them
In the Coffee Shop at 9:30 Am

Friends, business men, students, and fancy women
Anyone could be here from hero to villain
Where there's peace and mayhem
In a Coffee Shop at 9:30 Am

The ceramic mugs heat to the touch
With the temperature of the air conditioning and such
The dangiling of my skirt from waist to hem
The feelings I have in the Coffee Shop at 9:30 Am

The final taste of cake with coffee, mixture of frosting and bean
Last gulp of strong Arabica until the mug is clean
Still my favorite place from now and then
Me in a Coffee shop at 9:30 Am
Promise means a lot
But if they are set broken
Sorry means nothing
This haiku is inspired by a quote and A person
You were my hope,
My faith,
My love my everything
But you never knew

I took my chances the chances I can never take back
The time I spent trying to get your attention was enough to solve my problems
But then again you are one of them

I can't believe how stupid I am to fall in love with you
But I can't believe how lucky I am to meet you
When all is forgotten
It's like it never happened
All we went through
It's like nothing to you

We went through thick and thin
Through hell and heaven
But through the things I put you through
I guess now we are even

We were something only we were blind to see
Other people pushed us together but all we wanted was to be set free
Wouldn't you agree
I'm sorry all I thought about was me

I'm sorry I just needed air
But I was too selfish to see you standing there
This relationship was a mistake begotten
But it's fine when all is forgotten
  Aug 2016 Breana Angeline Chua
my love is like the hardest level
of candy crush.

you will never reach it
but for some,
it's worth the rush.

too much to handle,
too high to touch.
I like your hair
resting on your shoulders
like the weight of the world is absent,
and when the gentle breeze blows,
it simply moves in its direction.
I like how messy it is--
there is some kind of order in it,
and in this world where solitude
is a friend or a foe,
you give order and colour,
just like your hair.

I envy the boy who  first
brush your hair from your face
as you give in to love's first kiss,
or the gentleman who will see you comb it
after a midnight bath, from his bedside.
Or he, most of all, who will witness it turn to gray.

I'll always dream of you, and
your hair swaying by the breeze.
Thank you, for at least, this vivid imagery
is forever mine to keep.
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