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Some worship the sun and the stars
Others worship bearded men with guitars

Some of us worship idols and priests
Others worship the trees and the beasts

Some worship places
Others worship faces

As of late, worship of numbers seems to be the norm
The image of ourselves does this worship deform

The worship of might will last for eons
The human mind is fascinating though, delusions it’ll build to free itself of these rigid forms

Pick a belief, a rock or a sock
There will always be those who, for the love of their beliefs will bring down havoc

Worship is but human nature, even in the bleakest of times we close our eyes and look inward
When we do wake up, we buckle down, take a deep breath and start walking onward
His mother always told him to throw away broken toys
to make room for new ones
and maybe thats why they never keep me around
I've become an acrobat
balancing my self confidence on the tight rope of his words
It’s hard to walk when your legs are killing you.
My knees didn't always creek like this, I promise.
My smile didn't always come with a disclaimer

— The End —