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By the innumerable amount of "I love you's", "Baby love's", kisses, random slow dances, by how you sleep attached to me every night and by the constant presence of love and affection, many, MANY years from now, to our great and possibly great-great grandchildren; we will be one of those elderly couples who you hear about the second gracefully following VERY shortly after the first one's passing...
......You are the most complex, interlaced multidimensional beauty I have ever encountered.......
Did you know that even when life seems ******, for whatever reason that may be, you can STILL:
1. Kiss and hug loved ones. 2) PLAY, pretend to be or do anything you want. 3) Go for a run, get a workout in. 4) Go on a scenic hike/walk , smell flowers and enjoy nature. 5) BREATH wonderful fresh air. 6) Think, contemplate, meditate and just experience EXISTANCE! 7) Eat delicious food of whatever you want, including any dessert!!!! And many, MANY more things that are exclusively AWESOME in life especially if you are an adult?!!!!! (Let’s keep this PG)…….

Yup,, Life, pretty awesome even when ******…. Just saying :)
I am NOT minimizing the severity of suicide! I unfortunately deal with EVERYTHING with humor and know this is over simplifying a much serious issue.......... Hope lightness, soft, well intended humor and sweetness could possible tickle someone enough in the corner of their heart and at least one more day tucking those dark thoughts away.............................................. <3
Silver lining crested clouds, land in the horizon of lost ships, first glimpse of water oasis in a vast desperate dessert have absolutely nothing on even the slightest hint of a smile on your face.
Just something I thought of and shared with a friend who has dealt with the most tragic of losses a parent could fathom........ Its been years but it always seems so recent...... Just now, there might be signs of hope in her recovery.
In light of the new found attention my boy is getting from girls I decided to have a talk with him… He is such a beautiful little boy. A little sponge of information as he stared up at me attentively with those big beautiful eyes….

Baby boy, women are the most valuable, beautiful beings on this planet.. They are pretty, sweet, instinctively want to take care of things and plus they smell good…. At your age you NEVER kiss a girl first!.. It is ok if they kiss you and trust me, if they want to they will at any age… It will get a bit more complicated as you get older…….. Many will hurt you, baby boy. Most without intent or malice but a few with all the intent in the world. You WILL learn something from ALL of them. Keep in mind however, Son that there is not necessarily true that experience will be gained in numbers. Rather the quality of the encounters. What 20 fast women would provide pales in comparison to the growth gained from one true connection even if it ends in heartbreak….. Always show manners and respect to ALL women. Even to; and often most, to the ones who lack it within themselves…. Make them laugh, they seem to really like that…….. Never EVER hit a girl. Even if you encounter a crazy one, and you will someday, it is NEVER ok under any circumstance……. My father, your Poppy always told me this one: Help with the chores!.. They like that the most………… Do not try to “figure” women out. They are not some puzzle ruled by specific laws. They are an ever changing form like water to ice to steam.. It is part of their mystique… Best you can do is be attentive to whatever form they have chosen to be at that particular moment in front of you…… You will have more muscle than most (there are always exceptions) but trust me on this one, they are always stronger. If you recognize this someday, you will feed off this strength and they will make you better…. Unless you did something terribly wrong, never chase after a girl if she has chosen to leave but do request for her to pause before she walks out and make sure you tell her EXACTLY how you feel about her and what you want before letting her go…… Love is not something you hunt, capture or convince…. Do not sell yourself. The woman that sees in you why she should stay on her own is the one you want…. Never trick, lie or manipulate any to stay with you… That is a “fools love pointless”….. That will also avoid you ever growing the cancer of jealousy…. Protect them….. TRUST ME, DO NOT TELL THEM WHAT TO DO…… Compliment at the instant whatever quality of theirs struck a chord in you. No matter how silly or how silly it makes you feel…..

Do you understand what you need to be, Baby boy?

He responded casually but with assertiveness, “Be a funny gentleman”…….
She writes me love letters in the sky using perfect white clouds
Kisses my face gently in the morning thru sunshine swaths
Sings for me to arise from bed with the sweet sound of birds
Confesses her love loudly with water and sky in tumultuous ocean storms

She flirts with unbelievable perfect timing coincidences, winks playfully and shows affection daily thru constant serendipity. She promises me of a better tomorrow through the bold and graceful character of children and their laughter.

She pleads and cries in rainstorms that it isn’t her that caused me or the world harm ever and admits she is helpless to mans’ will.

And I ask her why she loves me. Why so many gifts. Why I was chosen..
She gives no answer but simply caresses my face with a gentle wind and I think I get it. The love is and has always been there. I am simply acknowledging it now………….

Life,,,, she loves me……………..
Your sweet and selfless grace radiant and liberating like summer sun, your support and attentive nature its evening breeze.
                               Our affection of perfect love quilted sweaters, tea and comforting colors of my favorite season, as leaves fall to graceful final rest.

Children’s belly laughter filling our home like warmth from a welcoming fire on a winter’s night.  

                               Our future a spring of cultivated dreams and promises, budding and beginning their bloom of fruitions. Things to grow and flourish captivate our horizon…

Seasons they come and they change. I welcome it all.
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