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When I was little

I would press my face

into the space

where your back touched the seat

and I would sleep

While you drove us home

I dont know if ive ever admitted to myself

how much I needed you

But these arent words of regret

because I know I told "you"

many times

so many times I shared my heart with you

I needed to know "you knew"

"I" needed to know

that this was one regret I woudn't carry

In your absense

I don't remember where we were coming from

and I don't remember arriving

all I remember

Is the weight of the empty

space in between

Loving you

and being me
Bradly S Baker Dec 2020
How do I explain
The 37 years
of rejection
That I have carried
In my heart
And now that I know who you are
I don't want to know you
A lifetime has passed
In a single moment
There's nothing left to rhyme
Bradly S Baker Apr 2020
Woe are my dreams
And woe that is naught
In time though it seems
All is forgot
Bradly S Baker Nov 2018
I could write a thousand words
Just summarizing what I read between yours
But I don't, or I won't
I think it's time to let "this"
ride off into the sunset
The horizon has been patient
and enough is probably enough
So, I'll say goodbye
For now, or forever I guess
I think the only lesson
We are meant to learn in life
Is how to let go
Bradly S Baker Jun 2018
And so I write
These lines, they leech
These feelings, they speak
And I just, need
A gentle caress
A love, not less
My heart, it breathes
My breath, it needs
And I mourn and bleed for these things that I need
I grasp at the wind as the restlessness sinks in
And I always come back
Around to this pen
Bradly S Baker Jun 2018
I want to love you
But your walls, I can’t
Bradly S Baker Apr 2018
My God
I just want to kiss you
But you don't exist
Can you taste
These lips
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