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Dominique Arnold Mar 2020
Riding into battle sword high ready for the fight.

Friends and Foes had left there woes now silence this moonless night.

She waits breath held for the moment that she shuns there smart she thinks but knows the truth that death is the more clever one.

A clash of steel rings out and echoes across the field as the fights begun they'll wonder who has won its the Puppet Masters at the wheel.
Dominique Arnold Feb 2019
I'm tired of emotions of the day to day commotion of the in and outs the ups and downs and unnecessary devotion to things that don't matter the unrealistic clatter or clutter its enough that I'd rather pull the shutters.
Shut it all out and hide under the covers.
(like that ever worked, but it's the comfort that eases hurt.)

Memories of happy times that I can't remember fully.
While I remember clearly the anger sadness and the cruelty.
So much guilt and regret built up inside my chest makes me long for a day that I can finally take a rest.
But I guess it's good right?
I'm living just fighting the good fight, not poor but content paying mortgage no more rent.

Yet those dollar signs still haunt me.
Stay scrambling chasing money.
It's not important says the family
Is some of the advice that they hand me.
And maybe it doesn't but I'd like the opportunity to see, if maybe having money would make me a better me.
Dominique Arnold Jan 2018
Tried to play with love like a kid would play with toys but I ended up smashing it together and made a bunch of noise.

So I thought I'd play with words and let my mind rejoice but the preacher came and told me that he didn't like my voice.

So I laid in the grass and stretched my hand up to the stars, but an astronmner came and told that they where just to far.

What's the truth for me what's the truth for you some say that questions hard but ask a magician what's the truth and they'll tell you pick a card.
Dominique Arnold Jan 2018
Time racing on past, 26 now trying to see how it happened so fast
wasn't it just yesterday I was sitting in class wasn't it just yesterday I was trying to get the ***.

Well I guess that ain't changed accept now I got one forever since I gave her the ring and not by any means am I saying that that's a bad thing, it just seems like lately we haven't been clicking and our vibe ain't the same.

It ain't neither one of our faults, why sometimes it feels like our love comes to a hault, but I guess it's just life, arguing and fighting but our parents did it right?

There still together, seems like there able to make it through any type of weather or maybe they figured it out cause there so clever or maybe Andre was right and nothing really last forever.

Hey, Ya want to know something that's crazy, is it was like I loved her even more after she had our baby, but trying to be a parent and work has made our lives so crazy, that we don't even have time to be with each other lately.

I guess that's sad, but I just want them to be proud of there dad.

Just like I can, he showed me exactly what it means to be a man, and I'm amazed at all of the things he's done, a man being a father even though he'd never seen one.
Dominique Arnold Jan 2018
Yeah, here we are right where we began knew you weren't a friend when I wasn't trying to get it in.

And that's crazy, how it works, looking to stop the loneliness now I found love and it hurts, more than when them dudes caught me in the jaw, couldnt eat right for a week, but still your love's got me felling raw.

I'm sorry if I come off mushy or sentimental but girl you got the key and you stay up on my mental, and your essential, got me smiling so hard need to work up on my dental.

Just a bit of cheese, just a stamp up on the page so that you know this notes from me.  Like we're in elementary yes, no, or maybe. Please let it be a yes so Doc know when to expect the baby.

And if it's a girl, then we can name her Minnie and dont worry about where I  go cause you know your coming with me, and I know you got a son, and you know I'll always love him like he's my only one, get me. Never worry cause ain't a women that can tempt me but to put it simply I love you more then this life I live, I know I only got one so I try my hardest just to give, back.

And I know we may go *** for tat screaming like some cats, but you know I got your back, and girl your the reason why I sing, and you can call me Frodo cause you know I got that ring.
Dominique Arnold Jan 2018
Why do you want things more when someone tells you, "you can't have it," is it that childish or rebellious nature that makes you go and grab it.

Or maybe it's that quite whisper deep in your heart that tells you there's a better place with an even better start.

Because even though you have it good you feel it could be better.  So you sit and ponder your path of destruction to wherever, but your clever.

Or so you think, throwing everything you got out, but the kitchen sink, and I'm awfully glad you kept that cause your gonna need a drink.  As you hustle, stressing on you search for the pink, but your a teen didn't they know thats how you think, talking about she's in my math class and she gave me a wink.

Well easy come easy go that's why they call it young flow or young dough wanted to stay together but we just don't know, and I'm not lying I tried to find it but I dont where it go, but yo.

Maybe it never did exist maybe it was only there cause I got to play with her ****, ****.

You know we'd rather it stay, cause we're young it's fun and we love feeling this way.
Dominique Arnold Jan 2018
I was walking with my boy and he looked at me and said,
There are more things to be afraid of in this world then being dead.

I said like what as I looked at him and he lowerd his head.
What about the feeling of a single mother whos money is short and living everyday and dread.
As her baby girl and young son lay hungry in bed.

And she steaddy trying to work it out and make it all end.
She say she don't need no help, but that's just what she be telling her friends.

In reality shes drowning she done missed her crowning she said she wanted to be a princess but now it's happiness she's doubting.

Everything thing she could have been she feels like she can't, she's hardest on herself because it's only her paying the rent.

By any means necessary but that weighs on the heart and pretty soon you do it so much you forget where it starts, and you end I really wish we could be more than just friends, but I already can here them dudes laughing again.

Calling me Captain save a Thot I ******* hate that word alot, the next person to say it I'm swinging with out any thought.
Cause I'm hot and this talking done got me boiling over.
All because I love her and I want to be there so she can cry on my shoulder.
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