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  Jun 2014 Borrowed and Amy
Rivers of love flow from her letters
I bathe in her words such beautiful weather
All that I am and all that’s to come
I promise her love, my living life sum

She appeals to my senses like a basket of flowers
Love raining down like a gentle spring shower
A star in the night just south of the sky
A stairway to Eden in her sparkling eyes

The sweetness of honey, the dew of the mist
The warmth of the noon sun found in her kiss
She’s an early spring thaw, she’s a midsummer night
She’s a fresh autumn breeze and a wintry delight

To the innocent she’s a princess who guides and protects
To the broken she’s a maid who cleans up the mess
To the fallen she’s an angel forgiving all sins
Her mercy is proven, her compassion no end

She’s all of these things and so much more
She’s obviously the one that I adore...
Traveler Tim
re to 12-17
This is dedicated to all you HP poetess who warm my ever frozen heart.
Borrowed and Amy Jun 2014
Blindfolded I look forward
To the blessings of death
Beyond my ignorance
There nothing left...
Borrowed and Amy Apr 2014
Songs in the dark so close by
Creepy creatures calling each other
The water only knows why
Crawling toward one another
In evening time the frogs awake
Peaceful sounds from the dark
Frogs are out on the lake
Inspired by the numerous frogs out back.
  Apr 2014 Borrowed and Amy
Washed my hands in ***** water
To cleanse my deepest sins
Caught a ride on a dragonfly
Oh, the places I’ve been
Spent those days in an endless maze
LSD induced
Took my blade and cut my way
Through the issues of my youth

Deaf and blind I knew it all as I shook my angry fist
Clarity met me here at the bottom of life’s pit

Do we cross a point of no return
Do we step beyond to live and learn
If evil’s tempted by all that’s good
Perhaps the scheme is misunderstood
My demon fights for love within
It’s a consuming flame that never ends

As he threw the silver at their feet
He could taste his bitter wicked deed
It festered in his immortal soul
His beliefs became his greatest foe

 So dare to put this to the test
And learn to love yourself the best.
Shadows of lost souls roam to and fro or move on.
  Apr 2014 Borrowed and Amy
As I read her piece of mind
I am mush upon her page
Lost within her lines of grief
Trapped within her rage

Still I read on
Her ink again spills red
In silence of lucidity
In a maze of heart felt dread

Yet time removes mind
With the darkening of day
Screens eventually time out
And attentions fade

The heart string
Is carefully enticed
With the realization
She's merely a function of my device
Traveler Tim
re to 04-17
  Apr 2014 Borrowed and Amy
April came and with her hope
A little sunshine helps to cope
Her kiss sweetly soft caress
A heart frostbitten now be blessed

A simple smile of inward child
Takes the breath away
To calm the cold of bitterness
The Ides of March display

She comes to heed the mother’s call
Her air so fair and kind
April sings her early songs
Nature speaks her mind

Gypsy flowers peak their buds
Expose the coming season
Ducks and geese return at last
And life returns her reason
Traveler Tim
Pe po every April fools day
  Mar 2014 Borrowed and Amy
Below the bridge the river runs
It seems tomorrow never comes
But when it does how can it last
The awaited day shall come and pass...

Above the forest the watch-tower waits
For the fires of passion to lose their place
But mine is the hope of Angelic Prayer
That our tree of passion kindly be spared..
Traveler Tim
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