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1.2k · Jan 2016
Scared of Each Other
Born Jan 2016
“Maybe everybody in the whole **** world is .”
― John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men
726 · Jan 2016
the music
Born Jan 2016
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
320 · Jan 2016
Born Jan 2016
I don't feel alone all by myself
I don't need something more than this
Summertime has brought me joy
I dont seem to have to find it not no more
I'm leaving those in my past
and letting go I am changed
After all this time I sure do know
You are everything that I've hoped for
And now I may rest my soul
I don't feel alone
I no longer feel all by myself
I don't need something more
I don't feel alone
And I don't feel scared
I don't need something more
Than this
As I listen to and sang along with the song, Summertime by Selah Sue for the hundredth time in three years my eyes fill with tears as I think how true those words have been for me, for me that is until this very night.

Even simple common conversation van ne seamtress
208 · Jul 2016
The Difference
Born Jul 2016
What is darkness to light
What is love to fright
The same as day to night
The only difference is the truth
One and one make three
Two and two make four
Its not what you say that makes you free
The only diffetence is the truth
So when you sware you do not care if you turn on my kind friend
And I say I will love you to the end
One of us is lying like a foe and the other
telling truth like a oak that will not bend
The only difference is the truth
And even one mends and the other breaks our heart
And you say that lifes a priveledge and I that true love is such an art
Yet you deny the difference before we even start
So in this act upon the globes time stage
you play your part as if not knowing
your bound to break my heart
The only difference that can save us is the truth and 10,000 hours to master love for two.
172 · Jun 2016
Always Perfect In Beauty
Born Jun 2016
From the first time I saw your face as a child of eleven

My first thought was O such perfection as an angel from heaven

My second time I saw your body as you stood at the side of the pool

My first thought was, to persue any other woman I'd be such a fool

The third time we were almost alone and I started to undress you but a voice said leave her alone

Then there was the forth time after so many years I came to your home in spite of my fears

Lucky for me your boyfriend didn't
Knock me on my ear

The fifth time you waited on my friend and I with a smile for which I thought I could easily die

My first thought then was I am not ready for your heart to win

And now after forty two years you came to me with a thousand smiles like the little winged angel I always thought of as freeer than me

Now I realize for you to be appreciated from a girl and a teen and a young woman so fresh and an experienced lover yet I have yet to undress is all good

Because I now have learned to cherish your heart and to become one with your soul is the first place to start.

O but I dream of the time that may come when we've shared every memory of love, pain and tears and every high and low of all of the years
that I longed to kiss that perfect young girl whom made time for me stop when you came into my world.
Denne Eckel there is none to me nor shall there ever be a woman in this world more beautiful than you are to me!

— The End —