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 Dec 2018 Lia
 Dec 2018 Lia
that moment
split second
caught within
the beat
of the heart
and the
of the lung
and the
of the gnarled nail

in that
infinitesimal breath
of denial and deep surrender

the world creaks

and the window shatters
into a rainbow of glittering shards
and you sing
and dance
in the guilty pleasurable rain
your skin rattles
with the hydra's teeth
scaled dry fingers
gripping your own leg

and yet you dance
and stare so longingly
 Dec 2018 Lia
jza aguilar
y o u .
 Dec 2018 Lia
jza aguilar
love is not him,
it's about you.
love is about being selfish,
but for awhile.
love is focusing on yourself
and cultivating the
happiness in your soul.
love is Y O U .
because at the end of day,
you're only your own anchor.
nothing will be left on you,
except you.
160515, 23:34
 Dec 2018 Lia
price tag
 Dec 2018 Lia
your smile, priceless.
your humor, divine.
but as for your temper,
that’ll be 75.99.
 Dec 2018 Lia
Megan H
 Dec 2018 Lia
Megan H
Is a poet still a poet
If they do not write?

A journal gathering dust,
But a yearning to write.
Am I still a poet
Without my inner light?
I'm sorry I haven't written a while! Love you all
 Dec 2018 Lia
 Dec 2018 Lia
you wonder why i barely look you in the eye.
It's because, if i do,
I know we'll end up entangled in each other again.
Because eyes can't hide the truth,
And the truth is,
I love you.
his eyes are beautiful.
 Dec 2018 Lia
Ria Mehrotra
Let me
 Dec 2018 Lia
Ria Mehrotra
Can you come a little closer?
Let me undress your wounds
And let your wounds bleed and bleed
Let me help you find some release

I know you’re not used to
Letting others sit in your cult of pain
But I feel your pain too
Please let me feel it with you

Don’t push your pain to the shadow of your mind
Embrace it, reveal it, you deserve to feel it
Please stop smiling with your misty eyes
Please don’t cover your wounds with bandaid lies
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