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I don't know Nov 12
a single flower petal falls
he realizes it all
that one disease
has claimed another

no more petals to fall
no one to attend the ball
he's lonely now
and forever on
a mixture of shinso dying because of hanahaki and denki finding out afterwards. it's part of two books i'm writing.
I don't know Sep 19
What is a promise worth when it means nothing at all to a broken person?
An excuse to make people happy?
To make someone believe lies even more?
What is it?
I don't know Dec 2018
So what if I'm gay,
What does it mean to you?
You have no say,
In what I do
I don't know Dec 2018
I'm a girl, who likes both genders
But what happens if I come out of the closet
Will people like me better,
Or dislike me forever

I was a straight girl,
Now, I'm unsure
Do I like girls,
Or whoever's in this world
I don't know Nov 2018
I once had a friend who was beautiful as can be
Yet she didn't see

I once had a friend who faked her smiles, not one was at all true
She once said "I love you."

I once had a friend who disappeared without a trace
Once we found her, there was no expression on her face

I once had a friend who died
Because her mind led her to commit suicide
I don't know Oct 2018
I am gonna die alone
In this terrifying home

I will tie that noose
I am useless

I am terrified
Yet I wanna ******* die
I don't know Oct 2018
I am, yet, drowning again
In my own useless blood

I am afraid, yet, wanna die
I wanna puke everything I've ever ate

I am, shy, yet, friendly
And I hate some people
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