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blurcasewriter Nov 2017
I feel happier
i don't know what you all think of a writing like that but sometimes i feel that the short ones can carry a lot of emotions
  Nov 2017 blurcasewriter
Mark Penfold
Never mind what some poets say,

Of how way must lead onto way.

What happens if there is no tomorrow,

Sometimes we only have today.
blurcasewriter Nov 2017
What is true love,
I often wondered
Is it the butterflies in my stomach
I sometimes pondered
Then again there I doubt
Was it the feeling I get
When she start to pout?
The jumble of emotions i never understood.
Why is it that I feel my heart beat louder
And it gets harder to talk?
Everyday you just seem even prettier
but I have to remind myself to keep my heart under lock
Because I felt pain once
And I felt pain twice
For loving you, I paid the price.
I'm sort of back.. Times have been tough for me but I'm still here and that counts. Stay strong everyone. Love out to y'all
blurcasewriter Mar 2017
People say music is an escape from reality.
Yet why is it that every love song reminds me of you?
Of how in my moments of anger and pain you were my clarity?
Perhaps it's time I set a new rule..
The absence of music
The absence of sound
The absence of company
Just me
and I say to myself
No matter how rough,
I can handle myself well enough.
No way I'm gonna run back into your arms
Cause I know just too well it would do me harm.
Somehow don't ask me why
Everything sparks a memory within
And dancing on my face
would be my silly grin
which then dies when I realise
that the memory were my ties
all related to you
And I say to myself
" How Would I Live Without You "
  Mar 2017 blurcasewriter
Dom Larmon
It's hard for me
To move ahead
When you are
Holding back.
I wish that you
Would open up
But I need to
Face the facts.
Hard for you
To let love in
When your whole
World is black.
blurcasewriter Mar 2017
"You're a goofball" she muttered
"And you're a typo queen" I smirked at her
"But you're my goofball" she smirked back
"Forever and always like you are my queen"
Yet now I'm reminiscing and a total wreck..
Base on a true story :(
  Mar 2017 blurcasewriter
Dom Larmon
Life is constant motion.
If you aren't moving,
You aren't really living.
But there comes a time
When you stop running away from things
And start moving TOWARD something.
You have to forge ahead
Never stop
Even if your path is dark, trust that you'll find a way.
Part 3/3
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