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Mache Jun 2017
A sense of yearning moves her...
It was deep...excruciating.
That even flowers weep,
as she calls to him.
Still, unheard...unanswered.
Mache Jun 2017
It was something beautiful,
but to be kept hidden.
It was something intense,
but must be tamed.
We created our own haven
and shared a love,

Like bubbles so fragile,
its walls brittled.
Until it crumbled
and ripped us apart.
Becoming strangers...
estranged of our very own shadows.
Mache Jun 2017
A knocking sound...
It was the mind knocking at the heart's door.
"End this folly, little heart. Why linger when it only causes pain?", whispered the mind.
Albeit the truth it heard, the heart so adamant, ignored the mind.
"Grief and torment devoured you little heart. You deserve none of these. Cast it off.", the mind insisted.
With a weary smile, the heart answered, "I hold with me something you will never fathom my times it's a times it's a curse. I was made to endure all these. I may be lost and broken now, but I know everything will time."
Mache Jul 2017
if one day you'd realize
its worth the fight
and decide to come back...


coz' you won't see me there.
Mache Jul 2017
tormented by thoughts of you...
wondering how.

how it was easy for you
to tear me apart...
Mache Feb 2019
He whispered of a love,
beyond his grasp.
Like a flower in full bloom,
yet only his eyes to please.
For in its thorns,
you will surely bleed.
And while he waited in concealed agony,
The moon would weep by his side,
Til' the sun rests on its haven.
Til' the brook would have no song.

— The End —