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This note is to you.
The you with swollen eyes,
the you with mascara dripped tears,
the you who has had a bad day,
the you who hasn't slept peacefully for nights,
the you who has lost hope.

I have read about Frida Kahlo and Helen Keller.
I have read the stories of these fierce women.
I don't know them, I've never met them.
But I've known you and met you,
And you are my hero.

Strong and unapologetic.
At the same time, elegant and true.

Don't you let anyone or anything
****** that title away from you.

I wish you are wondering about me right now.
Because I sure as hell am.
You might be thinking I'm with someone else,
doing something cooler.
But instead, here I am making two cups of coffee.
I sit across the table drinking mine,
staring at the other, hoping someone would finish it.
I want that someone to be you.

I know there might be a million questions you want to ask me.
Yes, i hate physics.
No, I don't smoke like you used to.

I have a million questions for you too.
Do you love poetry as much as I do?
Are you a feminist like me?
Do you listen to Taylor Swift as much as I do?

There is a knot forming in my throat as I write this to you, but I gulp it down.
It feels like my heart has dropped down in my stomach.
I feel like running away from everything but I promise I won't.

I would be a mess if i don't meet you.
What a beautiful melody it would be if our heart strings intertwined.
How the light in your eyes will fill me with warmth and blush of your cheeks will colour my life.

Don't judge me yet,
Don't think we're not meant to be,
Because all I want to do is spend my life answering the questions that the wrinkles on your forehead ask.
And silencing your trembling lips.
And writing sonnets to the rhythm of your breath.  

And when we meet.
Our hearts will fit like a jigsaw puzzle,
And I'll be with you till the last piece of the puzzle fits in.

 Jun 2015 bluestarfall
a l e x
You were once my everything,
But now you are nothing.

I Should forget you
Should stay away from you
You don't deserve my love

Somehow you're once the person
That means everything to me
But you hurt me,
You broke my heart into pieces

I'd been in pain,
Went  to many struggles
and sacrifices

Now I moved on
We're done, we're over
And you're just my beautiful mistake.
Stupid love thing
I live in a paltry cottage,
with a cosy fireplace
and rosewood floors.
It offers me solace
and isolation and yet
my happiness seems
to have lost its way.
Then,I gaze outside at
the brook that welcomes
the sunshine like a
ship on a dock.
I gaze and gaze and
Gaze until I can't anymore.
Across the brook is my happiness
amongst the wilderness,
that fades away into
nothingness. And here
I am, on the dark side,
with grey clouds and
thunder and how it
roars like a sad
crow who doesn't
know how to fly
Anymore. My eye
lids droop and I
want to forget that
I no longer feel joy
inside my heart.
I want to forget the
bitterness that has
resided from the start.

All I feel is loneliness.
THIS POEM INDICATES HOW SAD I AM. Mainly because Summer Holidays as ending. Just kidding. Enjoy.
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